What the hell is Microsoft up to?

In what is becoming a worrying trend from Microsoft, the company failed to announce any new exclusives for the Xbox 360 at Gamescom in Cologne last month. After a lacklusture and virtually entirely Kinect based E3 showing, it seemed Gamescom, the second largest gaming industry show in the West, would be the perfect place to announce a couple of new exclusives for 2011. However, it was not to be and with Tokyo Game Show being the last major gaming exhibition this year, many gamers are left wondering what the hell Microsoft is actually up to.

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ALFAxD_CENTAURO2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Fable III
Halo: Reach
Kinect Adventures
Kinect Animals
Kinect Joy Ride
Kinect Sports

PS3XBOX360WII2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Gears of war 3

Shadow Flare2992d ago

Gears is made by epic not microsoft

DasBunker2992d ago

if sony had only KZ, resistance and WKC announced i bet teh sonyz doomed articles will be rolling all day.. but since this is MS its alright

UltraNova2992d ago


Oh , now I see why the price increase on Live, its because of MS's content overflow!

Yeah right..

In any case it looks that the xbox 3 is on its way a lot sooner than we think.

Well the lack of pretty much everything hardcore from MS only leads to the obvious, they are prepping for a new system launch.


You might want to read the post again "announce any new exclusives for the Xbox 360", it didn't say anything about them coming directly from Microsoft. And besides that, All the 360 exclusives have already been announced, so why complain about it. They're already mentioned the major ones: Halo Reach, GoW3, Fable 3.
The majority of 360 gamers only care about halo and Black Ops. Its like when MW2 came out, games got pushed back and what not

ReservoirDog3162991d ago

It was kinda an underwhelming list last year too. I only bought the GTA Episodes on a disk last year.

pustulio2991d ago

I really would like that MS suddenly drops a bomb of exclusives or new IPs.

But as all of us already know is not gonna happen.


bjornbear2991d ago

not much apparently


anybody disagree, please enlighten me

FragMnTagM2991d ago

All great games. If you don't like them, well that is an opinion. Doesn't mean other people won't enjoy them.

Just like I will be playing Killzone 3 when it comes out. I don't care about Grant Turismo 5, not even in the slightest, but apparently that is a huge game to the rabid Playstation fans.

Why is it so hard to accept that people enjoy playing games on platforms that you guys don't? Does it really bother you that much that you have to spend nearly every waken moment bashing another system you don't happen to like?

I just found a friend on Facebook that I haven't talked to in around 7 years. Him and I both are true gamers. Over the course of the weekend, we have played on the PS3, Wii, XBOX, PC, and played some old school games via ROMS, MAME, Genisis, and SNES.

We had a blast. We would certainly not had as much fun if we had only stuck to one platform. Also, most of the games (especially the "AAA" games) on PS3 do not support two players on the same console.

I don't comprehend the fanboy mindset. You are the true losers that miss out on a lot of great game experiences.

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Shadow Flare2992d ago

That's a hell of a portfolio lol

iPad2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Counting their money and ripping off their consumers.

Didn't Microsoft say that XBL will have more features later this year at NO EXTRA CHARGE?

pippoppow2992d ago

MS hardly gives anything back to their gamers. They add apps and service though. They seemed to have lulled gamers into thinking apps and services are more important than games this gen. Amazing.

They have the gull to charge even more for an online service that should allow gamers to play for free. 360 gamers need to wake up. MS is fleecing you hard in so many ways.

FragMnTagM2991d ago

maybe because just one game that is coming out this year will take up at least half a year to fully play and complete it until I get the slightest bit tired of it. Hell, when Killzone 3 comes out, I will still most likely be playing Reach. I will be doing the midnight launch thing for Killzone, but I doubt it will hold my attention as long as Reach will. Not a huge Gears fan, so we'll see on that. Also, there are a crapload of multiplat titles coming out that rival or surpass exclusive games.

You guys should find something else to do with your time, besides bashing a console you don't own or will never own because of your extreme hatred for no apparent reason. I, for one, will not let my dislike of a console or their practices from letting me play awesome games.

FuturePerfect2992d ago

'Kinect Microsoft' (you got to collect as much money as you can within a minute just using your arms to wave about collecting Dollar signs) :D

MikeGdaGod2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

uh oh.....don't tell them that

Cueil2992d ago

that's what they are up to... they're just trying to make money

bustamove2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

They're focusing on way too any Kinect games and not enough hardcore games. It's pretty sad actually.

Oh, and the whole ripping off consumers too.

Denethor_II2992d ago

Can't believe you pulled the double face palm out.

PeterGriffinSays2992d ago

It's still exclusive you twat.

Mastodon2991d ago

Obviously it isn't as you got 16 disagrees... I love this site...

ExplosionSauce2991d ago

I think he means that Epic is a third party studio, not first. So Gears doesn't exactly count.
I think it should probably count even so.

Socrates2991d ago

Yeah, you are right, it's not exclusive because Microsoft isn't making it. /s

Why the fck would it not count? It can only be played on the 360 and it is a huge title. Microsoft is funding the game and it doesn't matter who is making it. All that matters is that it's exclusive to the 360.

moparful992991d ago

Well the title of the article does say "what the hell is microsoft up to" So technically speaking leaving off gears 3 is a legit move due to the fact that epic is a third party company..

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xAlmostPro2992d ago

you forgot increasing the price of live and selling the new amazing controller xD

ingiomar2991d ago

The new controller is a great value you get a play and charge kit with it which is normaly $20

dragon822991d ago

It is a great deal for both but what about the people who want to buy ONLY the controller??? They are forced to pay a higher price because it comes with a P&C kit. It is just plain stupid how much Microsoft is ripping us off for this shit. I would gladly buy th enew controller but I don't need another P&C kit. I already have two of them.

-SIXAXIS-2991d ago

The P & C kit is a ripoff in the first place. MS could've gone the same route as Sony, and just used a standard USB cable to play and charge.

ExplosionSauce2991d ago

Play & Charge should be free. I didn't have to pay for my DS3 controller to recharge while playing.

Socrates2991d ago

Yeah and when your battery dies in your PS3 controller it's a pain in the ass.

moparful992991d ago

Guess what pal my sixaxis that was included with my launch model ps3 60 gig is still holding a charge.. This "When your battery dies its a pain in the ass to change" excuse is weak sauce and you know it. Lithium batteries are very reliable and last for a long time especially if you charge them properly.. For example I have a pelican charge stand that I bought for 12 bucks that not only looks great but it has a smart charge feature that stops charging the battery when its fully charged as to not overcharge and harm the life of the battery.. Or those people can buy a 10 ft or even 15 charge cable for less then the play and charge kit and still never have to hassle with AA batteries ever.. You cant honestly sit here and tell me that having to use AA batteries in a controller is an advantage over an internal rechargeable battery.. If this is what you think then its obvious why you like the 360...

FragMnTagM2991d ago

what do you do when your battery is no good? You have to take apart your controller and reinstall one. Most people don't know how to do that. Snapping a battery off and replacing it with a fresh one is pretty damn simple. Besides, who wants to be 3 ft. away from their TV when their controller is charging? I know, USB extension, but still sucks that Sony only gives a 3 ft. charging cable. WTF is up with that?

FragMnTagM2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Look, you bought a charging station that normally costs thirty bucks compared to the 20 dollar PNC kit. The PNC kit that is being discussed, uses a rechargable battery pack, not AA batteries. Even if you did use AA battery pack, you could just use rechargeable AA batteries in it. This is a weak ass arguing point for both sides and should just be given up.

Both sides have to spend extra money to have an ideal charging solution. With the PS3 it is a longer cord or a charging station. With the 360 it is either rechargeable AA batteries, a charging station, or the PNC kit. I don't understand why this would be a huge deal unless you are a broke ass gamer.

ExplosionSauce2991d ago

You're trying to hard. The battery hasn't died in 4 years and still going strong.

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lowcarb2992d ago

I hate getting into this debate but will the Sony fanboys seriously stfu. MS is obviously focused on the next couple of months and not ready to announce anything pre Kinect, Reach, and possibly gears3 releases. Just because Sony suckers you guys into believing the grass is greener does not and I repeat does not mean they have any better offerings. Year after year they announce a bunch of games and almost everything worth waiting for gets pushed back a couple of years. This has nothing to do with Sony but the fact that MS is attacked for not showing things until a more realistic time frame is given just goes to show how silly and biased it is here. What get's me as annoying is the fact that you always here the guys whining about something 360 related and none of you even want one or care for it to begin with. For once I would like to hear some people talking about games and not these people with hate agenda's who think there correct and smarter than people who don't share the same opinions. All of this hating and spitefulness (over the past)will not help Sony pass 360.

Whoooop2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

How many times have we heard/read the same crap about MS showing the games later??? MS has no commitment in offering content like they did when they released the console.

Every year is the same sh*t... Halo, Fable, Gears and Forza. All other games that defined the 360 went multi like Bioshock, GTA4 DLC, ME2 now... Bungie and Activision deal.

Every company's goal is to make money, but MS it doing it now without offering much content.

I understand that saying the same thing gets tiresome, but playing the "MS is waiting to show games later" card is laughable at best, because that BS is ridiculous already.

Bell Boy2991d ago

Odd but when the ps3 1st launched the multitude of 360 gamers on this very site were in my face on practically every thread to inform ps3 owners it was a movie player, the waitstation, doomed etc, etc

Now of course as a ps3 owner my cup overflows with games that are out, launching and announced and what now of the 360 fanboys....they whine that all their threads are full of ps3 owners gloating at the lack of games MS are now

Why not listen to your last fm, while tweeting each other from your 360 that you are about to host a Kinect party and post video to your facebook...what fun you have to look forward to if your only console is a 360

thewhoopimen2991d ago

I dunno man... MS can only run on empty news for so long. They've had 6 months to come up with new developments. I maybe wrong but I think they're really tapped out this gen.

Makidian2991d ago

You have almost no idea how the game industry works do you? Microsoft focusing solely on Kinect is stupid because they are literally putting all of their eggs in one basket and banking on it to take off like the Wii. They are isolating their primary consumer and the ones that helped them take off this gen and if they continue to pursue that avenue they will fail hard. You say you want people to talk about the games and that's what people want to talk about, but the problem is Microsoft isn't announcing any. It's great that they have some good exclusives coming out for the rest of the year but what is there to look forward to next year for the gamers who helped give Microsoft an 'in' this gen? At this point the answer to that question is nothing at all.

jessupj2991d ago

Well from where I'm sitting I'm swinging in so many games on my PS3 right now it's hard to breath, and if that wasn't enough there's about to be a tsunami of amazing exclusives headed my way.

I look over to the 360 camp and I can't help but feel sorry for you all, the hardcore players anyway. You bought the console to play amazing games but all microsoft is doing now is shoving the Kinect down as manyl throats as possible before the casuals release how limited it is. Microsoft have almost completely abondoned their hardcore customers. The ONLY decent exclusive you have coming any time soon is Reach. That's it! just one game!

How long can 360 fanboys keep making up excuses for micrsoft when it's dam obvious they've not only been thrown out but spat on as well? How long?

The Lazy One2991d ago

You weren't a member here when the PS3 launched.

insomnium2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

MS has been touting "it's all about games" for the past 5 years. They have taken jabs and called out Sony on several occasions for whatever reason. Now they are going against their own word and making a total 180 degree turn by swiching to casual market and abandoning their 40+ million install base in the process. Where are the games now?

What in the world are the hc-supporters (the ones who laughed at Sony for years) to think when MS pulls this kind of a stunt on them. Well the jokes on you really. Noone forced you to bash Sony for "teh no games" and "teh delaystation". All these bitter tears just make the victory that much sweeter imo. I told you so.

@the lazy one

Neither were you right?

Socrates2991d ago

Insomnium, you are full of crap. The PS3 fanboys were hating on the 360 before it was even released and the hate has been consistent ever since then.

This mythology about the innocent PS3 owners being ruthlessly attacked by 360 fanboys is so ridiculous because anybody can go and read the old articles and see for themselves that the PS3 fanboys were doing their fair share of hating on the 360.

Lowcarb is right anyway. PS3 fanboys always act like the PS3 lineup is so amazing, yet every year I look at the lineup and many of the games are mediocre and others are pushed back.

As for the games that actually get released I have been more satisfied with what the 360 has been offering than the PS3. For all the hype coming from PS3 fanboys very few PS3 games interested me this year. GOW3 and Heavy Rain are the only games that interested me on the PS3 this year.
The 360 has had a very solid lineup of great games this year.
Metro 2033
Mass Effect 2
Alan Wake
Splinter Cell Conviction
Fable 3
Halo Reach
There are other games too, but those are the ones that really interested me on the 360.

insomnium2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Go back and check. Please do. It's ALWAYS been the x360 fanboys or MS themselves who has thrown the first stone. I know since I was here when it happened. Here's something for you to chew on:

It's all about the games --> here's Kinect.

HD-DVD is the future --> DDL is the future (before the addon was even 3 months old in europe iirc).

LOL PS3 has mandatory installs --> Here's Forza 3.

DVD is fine --> Here's Forza 3.

HDMI is irrelevant --> Here's a new sku for the same price WITH HDMI (FU early adopters).

100% experience with Arcade model --> Here's Forza 3.

Do you know who Aaron Greenberg is? Have you ever heard him talk? Before that it was the "you know things brake"-guy who went to EA.

There's nothing but bs that's been pouring down on Sony's neck by MS or the media for the first 4 years of PS3s lifecycle. Nothing you say can make that go away. If you find me an article where there was unjustified bashing of the x360 a few years back I could find you a dozen articles where PS3/Sony is bashed with unjustified claims to counter it. The timeframe is 2005-2008. OK....GO!

btw if you had games this year what about 2009 and 2011? You seem to forget about 2009 entirely and 2011 doesn't seem to be any better. Unless you change your ways and start telling me how you just love dance central. And to make matters worse your 2010 lineup is 99% multiplatforms. You get like what 3 exclusives? Pfft!

You can't tell people the x360 is good and back it up with multiplatform games. That's just pathetic.

You disagreed? OK then prove me wrong.

Socrates2991d ago

The bias dripping from every line in your comment is astounding.

-"Go back and check..."

I HAVE checked. You are lying about what went down. It's all there recorded in the articles and in the forums for anybody to see for themselves. PS3 fanboys were not the innocent victims you make them out to be. Besides, this didn't start this generation. Last generation playstation fanboys bashed the Xbox like crazy.

"It's all about the games..."

As I already pointed out, the 360 has had a great lineup of games this year and has a huge library of games in general.

"HD-DVD is the future..."

Nobody knew whether HD-DVD or Blu-ray would win the format war, which is why it was the right choice to go with DVD at the time.

"LOL PS3 has mandatory installs..."

Are you really going to compare the extreme case of Forza 3 to the countless PS3 games that require mandatory installations?

First of all Forza 3 doesn't have a true "mandatory install" because it doesn't force you to install the game in order to boot and run the game.

The point is that mandatory installs are common on the PS3 and they are truly "mandatory" in the sense that you cannot even play the game until you complete the installation process.

"DVD is fine ..."

DVD IS fine for this generation. 99% of games fit just fine on a DVD, including huge games like Fallout 3 and Red Dead Redemption. The few exceptions to this rule can simply use multiple discs, which is really no big deal.

"HDMI is irrelevant..."

Component passes a HD signal just fine. When HDMI became more common Microsoft added it to every 360.

"100% experience with Arcade model..."

You can still play Forza 3 just fine with an arcade model. They could have just released that extra content as DLC and people that haven't bought a hard drive would still be unable to play it.

"Do you know who Aaron Greenbueg is?.."

Yep, I've read his statements and they sound exactly like the kinds of statements Sony execs make. All company spokespersons get paid to talk up their products. PS3 fanboys are either too immature or too naive to understand that. The things Sony spokespeople have said are no different than what Aaron Greenburg has said.

"There's nothing but bs that's been pouring down on Sony's neck..."

Yeah right. The 360 has received plenty of criticism from the media. What you call Sony bashing was in many cases legitimate criticism from journalists with justified concerns. Just as it was justified for Microsoft to receive criticism for the early hardware failures it was also justified for Sony to be criticized for the exorbitantly high price tag of the PS3 and other snafus. Of course since you are a Sony brand whore no criticism of the holy PS3 could ever possibly be justified.

"btw if you had games this year what about 2009 and 2011?..."

We don't know everything that will come out next year. I already know at least two big 360 games that I have my eye on: Gears of War 3 and Crytek's Project Kingdoms.
The 360's 2009 lineup wasn't as strong as its 2010 lineup is, just like the PS3's 2010 lineup isn't as good as its 2009 lineup was. Every console will have stronger and weaker years.

moparful992991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

OHH wow you are officially my new pet. You are so full of crap that i'm gonna get you a roll of toilet paper to hang off your chin. First of all I was here in the begining and yes it was brutal to be a ps3 fan. [url-
That was an article about the ps3 launch in france. Not only did microsoft pull a rather childish stunt but the comment section is full of anti ps3 sentiment. Just look at [email protected] post.. He was one of the first notorious trolls and he was about as anti ps3 as I have seen...
Next you claim the ps3 has countless mandatory installs.. [url=
35 games to date with mandatory installs.. Yea thats countless. FAIL.

EDIT: By the way sony has consistently announced exclusives.. Ever since 2007 there has never been a shortage of exclusive announcements out of sony. Your "only x amount of games are even remotely interesting to me on the ps3" BS does nothing to alter the fact that sony focuses on pumping out game after game.. Quality is relative, which sony has a high average metacritic score out of the big 3... So not only is sony churning out a larg number of games they have an average higher quality to them.. SO yet again you did nothing but expose your bias.. Nuff said.

baodeus2991d ago


I don't get why you need to use AA batteries? Can't you buy like $20 worth of lithium rechargeable batteries (in a case of 10 or 20) for the controllers? You guys kick back and forth about the controllers, but never though of other solutions haven't you. Yes there are other available option that are cheap. It is almost like buying $60 monster cable when you can get a $6 cable that does the same thing. If you buy into what MS or Sony offers and getting rip off for not looking around first (please use the F#$#$#$ internet), then you guys deserved it.

Stop arguing about the controllers already, go talk about game instead. I swear, you dumb fanboy just have to find anything to argue over why your console is superior. Oh, sorry, i forgot i'm still on N4G. Nevermind, keep it up guys. You guys are doing great.

gamer20102991d ago


Yes it was supposedly so brutal to be a PS3 fan back then. Even though the article you linked to shows that to be completely false. That's like the best article you picked to make your point and it looks like there are a nearly equal number of PS3 fanboys and 360 fanboys going back and forth. In fact, the agree/disagree ratio on the comments seems to slightly favor the pro-PS3 point of view. It definitely doesn't look like it was hard to be a PS3 fan back then.

Ps3 fanboys are so delusional that to them unless the site is completely overrun and dominated by PS3 fanboys it is brutal to be a PS3 fan, hahaha. Nevermind the fact that there just as much anti-360 sentiment back then.

shadyiswin2991d ago

The xbox doesn't need exclusives morons, sure it would great but to be honest the xbox outsells sony almost 2:1 on multi platforms games.On top of that the Halo gears fable and forza, your tired of hearing those same few but people aren't tired of buying them.Microsoft is focusing on Kinect and they should its a system seller.Just wait for the numbers on call of duty, or find the numbers for Madden, you fan boys like to make it like microsoft should be worried, they know what there doing, its there second console and there owning the Ps3 on older technology.You guys should be happy microsoft is playing it respectable just like my yankees they could buy any player they want but they sit back and relie on what has been working.Microsoft could buy any gaming studio and launch an assault

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outrageous2992d ago

Yeah M$, we know you KILLED it this year and made the PS3 look like the Wii with silly games like God of " no multi-player and DLC " War and Heavy " no gameplay " Rain. But what do you have next year. We don't want to talk about this year kicked everyone in the A$$ and still have Halo Reach and Fable 3 still to

I love these articles. There as bad as hearing about games that are coming in 2012...who cares. The first part of 2011 are top heavy with Crysis, Ghost Recon, Bodycount, Bulletstorm, KZ 3, and of course Gear Of War 3 leading to E3 2011 where the truth will be unveiled.

The only guys crying about this are the guys that have nothing to play right now....Hmmmm...who might that be.

n4gno2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

Denial donkeytroll spotted :)

Ps3 is dominating software and hardware since more than 2 years, and 2010/2011 is even worse for fanboyz like you, i'm not telling you have no game to play, like old xbox trolls in 2006 (you have multiplatforms), but don't live in your opposite world ("nothing to play" "look like wii", when we have all the goty, all the best exclusives, and even the best xbox's ones now), sony is kicking ms butt really hard, and it would have been a fact even with a working kinect (but with move delivering, 3d, and best exclusives : more variety, more games, and best graphics, the competition is dead, even worst than last year)

"Just because Sony suckers you guys into believing the grass is greener"

it's not sony, they are not spending money on marketing like ms (only chance to survive = brainwashing), it's just the reality, the grass is greener since a longtime now, hardware, software, free online, inovation : no competition.

"Looks like somebody doesn't like the fact the 360 is outselling the PS3"

oh my...hallmart (and all multi accounts, like the braindead low carb) are really incredible :) come on, what did you say when, months after months (since the beginning !), ps3 was outselling xbox worldwide (+4 millions last year !), it's not because xbox slim and rrod replacement for brainwashed us players give you the impression xbox is alive (in US !), that xbox will outsell ps3 next months/years..
By the way, even if the sells are great for bad stuff, it's not good for gamers, or even for you (perhaps for your self-estime : being always wrong it's probably hard to accept), so why are you expecting better sells for inferior hardware, motion controlers, games ? are you just dumb, or have you financial interest in ms failure ?

madpuppy2991d ago

"The only guys crying about this are the guys that have nothing to play right now....Hmmmm...who might that be."

360 gamers?

Jazz41082991d ago

what. I find funny is the only ones complaining about ms's library are ps3 fans. Why should you even care. I have plenty to play on my 360 and have almost nothing to play on my ps3 but I don't yell it to everyone who will listen. Please go back to installing something and leave the 360 gamers alone as we are not the ones complaining about lack of games as I have plenty to play on my 360 and ps3 so please just leave and go back to your onesided hell.

madpuppy2991d ago

complain about the 360 having no games? that would be an admission that MS has dropped the ball, and to a fanboy speaking badly of the object of their fanboyism is kryptonite.

insomnium2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

LOL that is so true. Bubbles for the laugh. I just love to watch people in denial. Even more so when it was THEM who started the entire pissing contest by trying to destroy Sony and PS3 with their bs articles and comments when the PS3 was launched. They had it coming for years and that's why this victory is so sweet!


Were you here complaining about a "onesided hell" when x360 fanboys had a field day every day 3 years ago?

Additionally you cannot say you have nothing to play on your PS3. There is almost nothing as an exclusive on x360 and if you buy the multiplats on x360 then it really isn't the PS3s fault now is it? You would still need to be a blind fanboy if you can't find it's exclusives any good. That simply cannot be the truth otherwise.

Socrates2991d ago Show
Cyrax_872991d ago

"There is no victory you stupid moron. PS3 is in last place and the rest of the nonsense you spew is delusional crap."

Rofl, fanboy much? Unlike the original xbox, Sony won't suddenly stop supporting the PS3 and drop out of the "console war". The PS3 will go on and sell 100 million consoles just like the PS1 and PS2. You'd have to be high on horse tranquilisers if you don't think this is a victory for Sony.

"The 360 has lots of positives and doesn't deserve the constant hate. The 360 has a much, much larger library of games. It has more games rated above 90, above 80, and above 70."

And how much of these are mini arcade games or multiplats? For games rated 90 and above, I counted 6 xbox exclusives (Gears 1 and 2, Halo 3, ME1, Forza 2 and 3). For Sony I counted 7 exclusives (U2, LBP, MGS4, MLB10 and 11, KZ2 and GoW3).

Karum2991d ago

Gears 1 wasn't a 360 exclusive.

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Redgehammer2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

I know its off subject, but I am happy to see the proper subject-verb agreement in the title of the article.

doa7662992d ago

I don't care about sales data, discounts, subscriptions, social networking with other gamers through a console, mini games aimed at kids, facebook on a console, visual chat thorugh a console or any of the other secondary stuff

and that's why Sony and Nintendo are miles ahead of Microsoft in regards to gaming

with games like Metroid Other M, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Goldeneye, Epic Mickey, The Conduit 2, Samuria Warrioirs and Zelda Skyward Sword the Wii has become more hardcore oriented than the 360

and that's just hilarious

shadyiswin2991d ago

The Wii is ahead of xbox gaming wise? The Wii is garbage lol, no sport games worth buying, no racing games, no shooters.They will always have there Zelda, Mario and Metroid, that just isn't enough for me.This is gamecube part 2 boy did that suck watching games I wanted go to other systems.It's 10x worst on Wii.Also what's with idea that Sony is outselling Xbox on the software front? The last time sony had a number one game was god of war or final fantasy 13....months ago, madden or/and mafia 2 were number 1 just last week, only wii has better software sales because of it's huge install base, but don't get it twisted xbox is outselling ps3 almost 2:1 in software, this is just one website dominated by sony fan boys who start to believe each other after a while, despite all the numbers showing xbox is killing now, even outselling the DS month, and now the wii every week since the last week of july.The ps3 is in last lol not by much but last is last the xbox won't be in last till they ready a new console.No worries I will come back and taught these articles after you guys are proved wrong week after week.

mcstorm2992d ago

M$ have stated that the end of this year is all about the lunch of kinect there are enough games coming out before the end of the year to keep the main xbox fans going until the first 3 months of next year so it will give them chance to push the first gen of games towards the none xbox owners then through out 2011 you will see a mix of games for both gamers and non gamers and they will both be on and off of kinect. Plus if you all remember m$ said that when they pulled xbox live 1 this was to make rom for more expansion on xbox live so this will happen too.if ms were going to release a new console soon we would not be seeing the new xboxs or the up dated controller. I think this move by ms is a smart one as they are opening the 360 up as a family and core gamer platform where sony are giving out mixed messages about the ps3 n move. I think 2011 will be a big year for ms and they will shock alot of people too

Makidian2991d ago

How is the Move sending mixed messages? Seriously, that doesn't make any sense, please enlighten me.

2991d ago
insomnium2991d ago

Sure jazz. There is an optional install on GT5. So? You would be so right if the install was mandatory. Too bad for you it's not. Better luck next time mkay?

Come on jazz. You've been here since 2006 and you don't understand why bashing MS according to their latest stunts is justified. You must be pretending not to understand am I right? Either that or you are in denial. I'm sorry for you. You backed up the wrong horse. I bet you were among the first people to bash anything relating to Sony or PS3 3-4 years ago. Are you denying it? Do I have to go check your comment history for proof?

Sarcasm2991d ago

What are they up to? Did the $10 price hike not tell you enough? They're up to nothing scratching their heads.