5 RPGs in internal development at Sony

Shuhei Yoshida has admitted in an interview with Famitsu magazine that Sony has 5 RPGs in first party development. VGTilt has a rough translation of the interview on their website and quotes Yoshida as saying that Sony are "also working with 3rd party to ensure we have those kinds of games coming in from their studios as well."

This will provide welcome news for an RPG starved Playstation fan in Japan. With White Knight Chronicles, a third party development, kicking off on Christmas Day, could the RPG glut fans have waited for be arriving in 2009?

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PirateThom3631d ago

I like the use of the word "admitted", as if it's some kind of crime for Sony to use their first party studios! :P

elorm93631d ago

They gave us KZ2, GoW3, and some others. Why is it a crime? :)

gaffyh3631d ago

Why didn't they tell us this earlier...

ultimolu3631d ago

Because Sony are secretive. =P

UltimateIdiot9113631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

If they told us earlier, gamers would probably be putting too much pressure on these developers to release it faster. Quality takes time and patient. And those who lacks patient will complain and whine about how slow these developers are and taint their image. If the developers rush and put the game out faster, the quality is lower and gamers will whine. It's more of a lose/lose situation if the public knows too early.
Patient is Virtue and Haste make Waste.

UltimateIdiot9113631d ago

It makes them mysterious too. The Black Console of mysteries and secrets.

mikeslemonade3630d ago

I'd prefer 1 PS3 exclusive and 1 360 exclusive than two multiplatform games. I always choose the quality game over a combination of multiplatform games.

Mozilla893630d ago

that he said that they are working on 3rd party relations. I hope the first Legend of Dragoon comes out on the PSN, I've never played but I heard its amazing.

Socom3630d ago

Ever since FF13 was announced for the 360, I have immediately stated on these forums how Sony should immediately secure resources (both internally and externally) to develop Triple A rpgs for the PS3 platform because they can no longer trust Square "traitors" Enix...

It seems Sony was thinking the same thing.

Dark Cloud 3 baby!

iamtehpwn3630d ago

Playstation has always been the RPG console since FFVII. Ps3 has been behind on RPG's, but I'm glad it has some coming to it now. I hope they're all JRPG's. :]

Sergeant Osiris3630d ago

press releases and sharing of information are over. Sony has wiseup to M$'s competitive tactics and will probably keep a tight lid on all their first party projects. I mean after all would NXE even exist if HOME wasn't so talked about for 2 years? Would the amount of FUD that has been slung at a title like Killzone 2 if they had kept the target renders under wraps? How much more of an impression would KZ2 have made if it just released out of the blue this february and causes a firestorm over it's graphical superiority? Don't get me wrong it will easily win the graphics crown for 09 but imagine how M$ would be reeling from these massive KO punches that they wouldn't have seen coming?

SaiyanFury3630d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2. That was the entire focal point in the entire article for me. Let's hope it to be true...

Danja3630d ago

Legend of the Dragoon 2 would just be amazing , one of my fave games from the PS1 era.....

Sony needs to put LOTD on the PSN now..!!!

SonyOwnsNextYear3630d ago

frankly, i recommend buying the 1st party rpgs over the multiplats.......nothing but garbage lately anyway.

meepmoopmeep3630d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2!!!!

(only because Le-mo said so) :P

No Way3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

It should be a crime... Because they are being greedy and not letting everyone enjoy those games. =(


Willio3630d ago

Buy Legend of the Dragoon on ebay for $1 dollar. Im not even kidding. $6 with shipping and handling, brand new... they simply made too freaking much.

gijose3630d ago

If this is similar to their claims of "18 new games" at the Tokyo Game Show...

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- Ghost of Sparta -3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

Legend of Dragoon 2 and a new Wild ARMs please.

Baba19063631d ago

that wouldbe absolutly amazing.... cant wait for some rpgs. =D love it.

TheForgotten0ne3631d ago

If it's Legend of Dragoon 2, I don't know what I would do! I seriously don't!

That would be a dream come through! It would make me cry, and it would make me throw away every other game, even MGS4 (Sorry Snake, but no one can compete with Dart and Rose!)

hay3631d ago

@TheForgotten0ne: I don't like you anymore. Snake is number one...

TheForgotten0ne3631d ago

If thats a sacrifice I have to make if I want The Legend of Dragoon 2, then I will gladley dissapoint you!

Sounded kinda cheesy, but at times like these I don't care!

arika3631d ago

i love legend of the dragoon! it's one of the rpg's that i actually finished and enjoyed very much. dark cloud was alright. i hope it's all true. i also can't wait to find out what the other three are going to be. it's all good though the more the merrier.

hay3631d ago

I would really love to see sequel to the dragoon . It was awesome back then in PSX era. One of my favs.

Timesplitter143630d ago

I LOVED Legend of Dragoon! Underrated!

CryofSilence3630d ago (Edited 3630d ago )

The Legend of Dragoon 2 is basically confirmed. It's more of a question of "when."

*Insert happy music*

cayal3630d ago

Didn't Squaresoft do Legend of Dragoon? Does Sony own the name?

ButterToast3630d ago

no legend of dragoon was developed by sony's internal studios

meepmoopmeep3630d ago

Dark Cloud 3 should be on there!!!


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Kuhz3631d ago (Edited 3631d ago )

PlayStation 3 will once again reign supreme as the RPG King. Passing the crown from PlayStation 2 onto PlayStation 3, consumers will realize that only PlayStation 3 offers them AAA RPGs not found on any other console.

I would like to thank our studios hard at work at bringing the best RPGs this generation into consumer households that's only possible on PlayStation 3. RPG enthusiasts alike will be rushing out the stores to buy our console when they hear this fantastic news.

PlayStation 3, The Return of the RPG King.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3631d ago

...The Turkey and the xBox 360 will get a good STUFFING!!! ;-D

Microsoft_Spokesman3630d ago

Not only RPG King, but Shooter King, Platformer King, Sports King...let us say, console King. Don't worry XBox, you still have a very important title, the Water Boy.

Socom3630d ago

PS3 is the king of all genres and PS3 is the reigning next gen RPG console with Valkyria Chronicles and soon with WKC, Shadow of the Collossus 2, Dark Cloud, FF versus 13 to join its ranks of exclusive Triple A rpgs.

There really is no reason at all to own a 3rd60. People need to get it through their heads that the 360 is not a viable platform at all, missing some of the biggest franchises, having 50% RROD issues and not futureproof at all.

Xbots claim how 720 will come out in 2009 but then MS said 360 will last longer than PS3 and suddenly all the xbots claim how 360 will last longer than PS3. Rofl, they flip flop from left to right, its so silly to watch.

How are they going to last longer? HOW.

Godmars2903630d ago

Tired of hearing that title. The PS2 didn't have it even when it was the only place devs put them, and the 360's certainly hasn't come anywhere close to earning the title. If anything, it belongs tot he PSP and DS.

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Sevir043631d ago

well we know the internal one coming from them is WKC which is second party, and we know that 2 exclusives are being made, one from Squareenix with FF:VS13, and the from FROM SOFTWARE with Demon's Sou,

so i'll be glad to see if Sony reached out to Konami and paid the cash to have them penny up a next gen exclusive Suikoden 6, I'm curious to see what are the 4-5 other 1st party RPGs that are in dev for the PS3. because it's been 2 years and the only rPGs that have hit the system is

weak low grade western RPGs. and some one left to be desired JRPG, that came in the form of Enchanted Arms... WKC should be the first and best rated RPG to come out in a while and should prove to be the first true next gen RPG, With Level-5 behind it, I'm sure it will be good.

elorm93631d ago

You haven't played Valkyrie Chronicles eh?

DrWan3631d ago

WKC is third party, in another word, they haven't announced any of the five yet.

TheColbertinator3631d ago

@Dr Wan,

WKC is actually second party because Level 5 mainly works with Sony on full console games.Not to mention Level 5 has been using the dev tools handed by Sony Japan

DrWan3630d ago

Any way you put it, it is actually 2nd party because the game is published by Sony as well. So this will be exclusive to Sony just like Resistance and Rachet and Clank

shovelbum3630d ago

Lets hope that they aren't all JRPG's. They have their fans but I just can't get into them especially the turn-based ones.

Sevir043630d ago

Valkria Chronicles is the best and first next gen JRPG and highest rated RPG. I cant believe i forgot that. I have played the demo and hooked but haven't gone out to get the game because i'm on a budget this holiday season.

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Galvanise3631d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2, revealed at or before E3 2009.
Wild Arms PS3
Dark Cloud 3

Jecht3631d ago

Would be AWESOME!!! But, Level 5 is a third party dev, and they're responsible for the Dark Cloud series, so I wouldn't get my hopes up. At least we know that they won't develop for the 360.

M$ is so stupid.

Bring on DC3 and Suikoden 6. Also, I want a new Shadow Hearts game.

Animekatt3630d ago

Really really really... REALLY hope they make a Legend of Dragoons 2.

cayal3630d ago

I'd like to see Level 5 acquired by Sony.

really randumb3630d ago

wait i dont get the level 5 aquisition article. so if WKC sells well they dont want to be bought? i dont get it.

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