"The First Templar" - Gamescom 2010 Trailer.

A new trailer for The First Templar, the upcoming cooperative third-person action game being developed by Haemimont Games for Windows PC and the Xbox 360. In this new trailer, viewers will be treated to an extensive taste of furious cooperative combat and fast-paced action from within The First Templar.

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Convas2829d ago

Hmmmm, this is very interesting. Why the hell are there so many interesting games?

Army_of_Darkness2828d ago

But I thought PC graphics were suppose to be superior to consoles according to pc fanboys anyway?!
Still can't even match up to Uncharted 2 yet....(sign)....

Elven62828d ago

I can't believe I'm replying to this but you do realize,

A. Not all devs go for hyper realism
B. Not all devs can afford to a certain level of technology
C. All devs have different visions, one might want a game that looks realistic while the other might want a game that looks good but has good A.I. interaction for example.

Army_of_Darkness2828d ago

A. Uncharted is more cartoony then realism(like killzone2)
B. I suppose... But even assassin's creed2 looks better?!
c. The style on this game looks simular to uncharted, ,just not nearly as detailed... And it also had good A.I.

davidmccue2829d ago

Looks promising, hope it can hold its ground against dragon age 2.

Darkfiber2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Haloed be thy name? Hahaha

Looks meh. Graphics aren't bad but the voice acting and story stuff looks pretty cheesy. And it's obviously trying to capitalize off Assassin's Creed fame.

SOAD2828d ago

Haha, you're right, they fucked up by saying Halo-ed be thy name. It's Hallowed.

I can't believe they released the trailer like that.

lastdual2828d ago

Maybe he worships the Master Chief?

TheColbertinator2828d ago

Looks like Assassins Creed 1 so much.Hope it turns out good

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The story is too old to be commented.