Kitase "to consider" bringing Parasite Eve franchise to next-gen consoles

GamerZines writes:

During an interview with GamerZines, Yoshinori Kitase, Producer for The 3rd Birthday, has revealed that he would "certainly like to consider" bringing the next title in the Parasite Eve franchise to next-gen consoles.

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DNAgent3995d ago

They'll just end up running another franchise into the ground. However, a good thing is if they release it on the 360 then it could be pirated so there would be no need to waste money on the mediocrity.

lazysey3995d ago

Stop being bitter or they won't make it and then I won't be able to pirate it.

MisterNiwa3995d ago

When Nomura considered a sequel on HD Consoles, he clearly said PS3.
Because thats where the fanbase is.

And I hate these people who want to disagree with me because they know that Xbox Fanboys like this franchise aswell.

Exactly these people should know how poorly FFXIII sold for Xbox.
Because all the 360 Fans would buy it, right?

My ass. Rather make it PS3 exclusive and build a great engine on it, instead of doing a half assed multiplatform port for the 360 and then sell it 200,000 times.

TheGameFoxJTV3995d ago

could have saved FFXIII from sucking. The story was shitty, and completely uninteresting.

ZeroX98763995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

A new console parasite eve would be SSOOO awesome! Parasite eve 2 is one of the few games I replayed recently on my psone (with FFVII, resident evil 2 and FFIX). I'm sure gamers would like a game like this on consoles! and please, PLEASE release it on PS3! I don't care if it's exclusive or not, if it's release on 360 good for them, but I hope they'll make the good decision and release it on ps3. So much games that didn't sold well on 360. Your fanbase is on the playstation brand, why release those games on 360? make it multiplatform at least!

CrzyFooL3995d ago

Then I'll "consider" playing it.

3995d ago
xCrazyStruddlex3995d ago

Parasite Eve never existed on any other console. Just ps1... but if this goes to other platforms it'll suffer the same fate as devil may cry and other once exclusive franchises.

Its just the direction of gaming developers are taking brands and franchises.. whereas they should focus more on quality, im sure square enix could create an exclusive franchise for the 360 only etc. That way they can focus on the 360 mainly... , Also they can focus on the ps3 mainly as well its about exclusives which makes game developers have a quality to their name.

jc485733995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

turn out like devil may cry or other once exclusive franchises. Parasite Eve is more like Capcom's resident evil games, but did you know that it didn't start as a game first. If I remember correctly, parasite eve is based off of a novel. This means that they still have plenty of stories to "borrow." Yakuza also came from a novel and it's doing just fine.

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