Which Square Enix Series Deserves the Remake Treatment?

From Xfire: "For better or worse, Remakes/Remasters are here to stay. After companies realized that fans are willing to pay the same price - or even more - for the re-release of an old game, they turned turbo mode on and hit the gas. Heck, I am one of these crazy fans - I have six Final Fantasies on my PlayStation!"

Snookies121229d ago (Edited 1229d ago )

Bushido Blade... Like, please... It would be absolutely glorious with modern tech! Why don't we ever see fan attempted remakes for Bushido Blade!? I know Hellish Quart is trying to fill that void some. but there was just something really cool about each and every Bushido Blade character. Very anime-esque, but also gruesomely realistic with its combat.

Atom6661229d ago

FF Tactics, but I've given up hope.

Antnee5341229d ago

Well they are making the octopath traveler tactics game. It has a demo on switch give it a try!

Atom6661229d ago

That Triangle game? I've been excited to see more. Will definitely check out the demo.

Fell Seal is the closest I've gotten to that Tactics feel.

AnotherGamer1229d ago

It already got a remake for the psp

pietro12121229d ago

It was port with added cgi scenes and a better English translation. It was far from a remake

Atom6661229d ago

That's where I replay it. I've heard that the mobile port is decent too, but I'm looking for an actual remake (and sequel).

Shiken1229d ago

Chrono Trigger/Cross gets my vote.