These Great RPGs Deserve A Modern Remake

GameByte writes: "From Fallout: New Vegas to Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, here are some classic RPGs that deserve to see receive a modern remake."

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Nyxus29d ago

I'd like to see Xenosaga remakes.

ManMarmalade28d ago

Yes. It was supposed to be 6 episodes too, which makes me sad. I also would really like Legend of Dragoon to AT LEAST get a remaster.

on_line_forever28d ago

I always ask for parasite eve 1 & 2 remake and vagrant story remake

Z50127d ago

Ashley Riot is a forgotten name. I'd love to see a remake and a modern take on the "limb/body part" target system.

Lore28d ago

Just finished Rogue Galaxy and Dark Cloud 2. While they both hold up extremely well, Dark Cloud 2 could significantly benefit from a full on remake as Rogue Galaxy was impressive for it’s time on a technical and mechanical aspect. Legend of Dragoon ftw as well

HyperMoused27d ago

i want some super nes ones reimagined, Secret of Evermore would be great

Rebel_Scum27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

I would rather play new experiences, new ip's. If a game is truly great the original should hold up and be enjoyable as is today.

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