10 Best Classic JRPG Games That Need a Modern Remake in 2021

From Xfire: "There seems to be some sort of JRPG renaissance going on these past few years.

In addition to new entries of long-running franchises being released on multiple platforms and new IPs being introduced, some classic JRPG games are getting the love that they rightfully deserve in the form of a remake.

Case in point, Legend of Mana, and of course, who can forget the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

But while there's a growing number of classic JRPG titles that are being remade for modern audiences, there are still far more that aren't getting enough attention and are in desperate need of a modern remake in 2021 and beyond."

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Terry_B453d ago

Shadow Hearts & Xenogears.

Knightofelemia453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

Wild Arms, Xenogears, Xenosaga trilogy, Arc the Lad, Alundra, Golden Axe Warrior, FF Crisis Core, Ar Tonelico, Rouge Galaxy.

TricksterArrow453d ago

Wild Arms already has a remake! A bit subpar, IMO. But it's decent.

phoenixwing453d ago

rogue galaxy would be cool

O-D-C453d ago

Anything with 'Xeno' in the title... and Baten Kaitos.

Vits453d ago

First I would like to have the originals easily available again. Than the remakes, that way it's assured that the classic version is still "gettable" in case de remake sucks or take unwanted liberties.

DarthMarvin453d ago

Shining Force 1-3. Though, honestly, I'd be happy just with a full localisation of Shining Force 3 chapters 1-3 on modern consoles and PC.

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