10 Best Classic JRPG Games That Need a Modern Remake in 2021

From Xfire: "There seems to be some sort of JRPG renaissance going on these past few years.

In addition to new entries of long-running franchises being released on multiple platforms and new IPs being introduced, some classic JRPG games are getting the love that they rightfully deserve in the form of a remake.

Case in point, Legend of Mana, and of course, who can forget the Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

But while there's a growing number of classic JRPG titles that are being remade for modern audiences, there are still far more that aren't getting enough attention and are in desperate need of a modern remake in 2021 and beyond."

Terry_B948d ago

Shadow Hearts & Xenogears.

Knightofelemia948d ago (Edited 948d ago )

Wild Arms, Xenogears, Xenosaga trilogy, Arc the Lad, Alundra, Golden Axe Warrior, FF Crisis Core, Ar Tonelico, Rouge Galaxy.

TricksterArrow948d ago

Wild Arms already has a remake! A bit subpar, IMO. But it's decent.

O-D-C948d ago

Anything with 'Xeno' in the title... and Baten Kaitos.

Vits948d ago

First I would like to have the originals easily available again. Than the remakes, that way it's assured that the classic version is still "gettable" in case de remake sucks or take unwanted liberties.

948d ago
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Square Enix Classics We’d Love to See Remastered

Square Enix suggested they might remaster more games from their storied archives—here are the classics we’d like to see get a new coat of paint.

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raWfodog77d ago

I would definitely enjoy a Xenogears remaster. Recently finished Legend of Dragoon again (this time with platinum trophy) and would love to dive back into Xenogears with Fei and the rest of the crew.

closed_account76d ago

Came here to say Xenogears as well. Great taste, raWfodog!

notachance76d ago

It needs more than a remaster though, I hope they can turn disc 2 into a full game..

Kneetos75d ago (Edited 75d ago )

I wonder how they would even handle a xenogears remaster

Would they give it to monolith soft (the original developers) to handle, and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive, cue the endless bitching from Sony fans...

Or will they do it themselves, thus not finishing the original story as intended

raWfodog75d ago

"... and more then likely make it a Nintendo exclusive"

I would think it'd eventually hit all the platforms much like the Front Mission 1st Remake. That way no one would be 'bitching' regardless of your platform preference lol.

Miraak82 75d ago

They don't need the original people , they already have the foundation of characters ,world and lore to work off of.
Honestly it's not that big of a game if you really examine it by modern standards , it's how they present everything that makes it seem so grand especially with how epic the story/music is . SE have good writers that could incorporate post release lore of perfect works and such if they ever remade it from the ground up.

gold_drake77d ago


scares me everytime i play it haha

Godmars29076d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Maybe this time around it could be good/playable?

Becuzisaid75d ago

Lol! What a game. Had a lot of fun with it. Beat it multiple times!

Marcello77d ago

Square Enix classics? dont they mean Squaresoft. Square Enix dont make classic games, just games with pretty graphics, no heart & soul, boring & over stuffed with woke Gen Z cockiness.

But while were on the subject i would love too see a remaster of Front Mission 3.

ZeekQuattro76d ago

They already announced a Front Mission 3 remake. Doubt they'll also do a remaster.

Marcello76d ago

I will get the remake but i still want a remaster cos with all remakes they lose a lot of the original magic the original game had.

Godmars29076d ago

Pretty sure its going to be a remaster of the game, similar to what's been done with the first two games, not a remake.

FF7r is certainly more a remake of FF7 than a remaster for instance.

Now, if they did Gun Hazard remaster...

raWfodog76d ago (Edited 76d ago )

Yeah they call it a remake like "Front Mission 1st Remake" but I'd consider it more of a remaster as it doesn't change any of the core gameplay but basically just sharpens up the graphics. I think they added a couple of new features also but I still think it's more of a remaster.

Like @Godmars290 suggested, FF7Remake fits the mold of a remake since they 'remade' the game from the ground up, changing the battle system completely, and retelling the story with a lot of different elements added.

But I guess they can call it what they want since they're making it lol.

DeadManMMX76d ago

Exactly. SquareSoft merged with Enix shortly after Final Fantasy X and it has never been the same.

Gardenia76d ago

I miss the old Squaresoft games. So much quality back then.

Terry_B77d ago

Almost all of the listed games are not Square Enix Classics lol

AdventurerDonLocke76d ago

Quintet Gaia Trilogy: Soulblazer, Illusion of Gaia & Terranigma.