The Video Showing Alleged Hackers Playing Halo:Reach

This is the video where the alleged hackers got the code from XBL for Halo: Reach and posting spoilers around the net. MIGHT CONTAINT SPOILERS for those who is afraid of that.


The hackers posted up another video, this one shows off Space gameplay and 2 cutscenes. MIGHT CONTAIN SPOILERS!!

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Focker-4202985d ago

Is it just me or do those maps seem really small??

brazilianbumpincher2985d ago

bungie deserve better than this

jaredhart2985d ago

Micrsoft should have been more careful.


yea i actually agree with brazilian, its a stupid thing to do both from microsoft and bungie. do not put a game out like that, somebody WILL try to hack it. and in this case, dealing with a major game like halo, bound to happen

rroded2985d ago

but selling copies puts these guys at the bottom of the heap Hope they get found n sued into oblivion.

2985d ago
scofios2985d ago

Those hackers are on a roll this week first the ps3 and now reach .

0mega42984d ago

i hope that they are able to nip this one in the butt

as well as sony and the recent jailbreak

as piracy really hurts developers

Mustang300C20122984d ago

Based on all of the previous sales of Halo 1,2 and 3 increasing after each release along with a few weeks to a month prior of release the game being ripped.....I doubt it will hurt sales.

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Bobbykotickrulesz2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

This game looks sweet.

Reach, Killzone 3 and Bioshock Infinite are the most promising FPS I've seen in awhile.

Edit: Just kidding. Reach sucks ass.
There. Disagree with that you douchebag fanboys.

Ascalon942985d ago

u suck ass KZ3 has nothing but graphics on Halo Reach you douchebag fanboy. Bioshock Infinite does look nice tho

Jack-Pyro2985d ago

What the hell is your problem....

Scotland-The-Brave2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

lol someone fell out the bed and onto an upsides down chair leg this morning
I think this applys to SOAD aswell,

SOAD2985d ago

You mean, from the dozens of legit gameplay videos that Bungie has released, showing considerably large maps, not to mention Forge World, you still decided to post a subtle bash about Reach concerning map size? Do you like to sniff your farts after a long day?

Focker-4202985d ago

No I haven't watched any of those. Those three maps just seemed kinda small imo. I wasn't meaning to bash Reach.

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wissam2985d ago

These hacker are getting on my nerves. leave the games alone you losers.

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