KILLZONE 3 Offering Weapon Upgrades And More To Multiplayer

With the recently released KILLZONE 3 multiplayer teaser, it seems Guerrilla Games has made some major upgrades to their already intense competitive fps shooter. Of course we’ve probably all watched the :47 second teaser over and over and by now you should be able to spot some of the cool updates coming to KILLZONE 3 competitive multiplayer.

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DoomeDx2983d ago

Game of the generation approaching!

bruddahmanmatt2983d ago

Yeah I spotted the scope on the StA-14 in the trailer, didn't notice the red dot on the StA-52 though but it's good to hear. Both weapons are great in KZ2 but very limited because of their iron sights. I usually ended up sticking with the M82.

Gigalol2983d ago ShowReplies(3)
0mega42983d ago

please keep it balanced.
once you start throwing in weapon upgrades you really start to push the boundaries
of keeping anything from getting op

-Alpha2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

I agree, this gets me a little nervous.

But at least you have all kinds of guns and weapons from the start.

I'm not sure if I want them to go crazy with custom weapon upgrades. A lot like Halo, Killzone 2 offered preset guns without the ability to customize them in any way, but the gun selection in K2 was more limited, but at the same time it was class-characterized.

I'm not sure if I want things like x4 scopes on the Assault Rifles, etc. guess we will see. I want them to keep it simple, surely they wont add things like akimbo or Heart Beat Sensors, but a few scopes and things like that shouldn't be too bad. I'll just wait for the beta and hope that they are sensible when it comes to balance.

xc7x2983d ago

enough with balancing of weapons because it will hurt the players who don't like that. weapons in real life aren't balanced,yea yea yea "it's a video game though" blah blah blah,so what,i'm tired of people who don't like games that have unbalanced weapon use. you can overcome this by learning to play the game using skill. ok,commence with the disagrees to the bottom right,thank you very much.

0mega42983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

that uses the m16/famas/ump

and then you bitch about noobtubes/commando

yeah you are all talk about how balance doesn't matter
only when its in your favor

Incognegro2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Idk why we're jumping to conclusions of thinking that it has to be weapon upgrades, when they probably just added the scopes as presets. I actually remember one of the developers being interviewed by HHG, and he asked if they were going to include weapon upgrades. I don't remember if the guy denied it, but he did talk about what it would mean to include weapon upgrades, and it sounded very unlikely of the possibility that they did include that capability in it.

@xc7x lol but...war is meant to be unfair...they intentionally make weapons to gain an edge. So I mean, the fact that this is a makes more sense to have balance... It just wouldn't be fun

bviperz2983d ago

Oh God yes, please keep it balanced. And let me pick up the decked out enemy weapon once I kill them. Sweet.

xc7x2983d ago

nope sorry not that "guy"
whoever he is...those type of dudes are noobs forever

peep like you need to quit bitchin and crying,it's just a game

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BeaArthur2983d ago

I hope for a good amount of customization, it will add a lot more variety.

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