G4 Preview: Killzone 3 Multiplayer Hands-On

G4 writes... "One of Guerilla’s main priorities was creating a more accessible multiplayer experience for Killzone 3. As the game’s lead multiplayer designer Martin Connor explained, it’s about making the game enjoyable for players of all skill and experience levels. The matchmaking system, which was built from scratch, is just one of the ways Guerilla has made Killzone 3 multiplayer more streamlined, as players no longer have to scroll through server lists to find a game to join."

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Cevapi883035d ago

"Guerilla also showed off two of the new game modes entering the fray in Killzone 3. Operations is a more narrative mode that includes side-specific cutscenes, in which players will see their names appear above the characters’ heads, and a more narrative driven multiplayer experience. Guerilla Warfare is the much requested Killzone 3 version of team deathmatch."

"Operations was the standout though. The match we played was broken down into three section, each with a different objective that needed to be completed in the allotted time. Increasing the cinematic and story-based design of Operations are large-scale world events that may or may not be controlled by players."

now this is something to get excited about

Domer253035d ago

Let me make this easy for all of us-----------BUY IT.

seriously just buy it.

captain-obvious3035d ago

this reminds me of RUSH in BFBC2
and i really like RUSH

day one

Phantom_Slippers3035d ago

i Actually cant wait for this game to come out, ive been screaming better melee system and they have delivered, now im not expecting this to be game of the year because games that come out early in the year always get forgoten like for example last years GOTY awards... mw2 beat out killzone 2 which in my opinion is stupid because mw2 is completely unbalanced and killstreaks doesnt make you beastly...but also recieved how many patches after release date? like 8? now 9 cause people exposed a glitch to get free games on xbox live arcade market. how many times did killzone 2 get patches? 2 times and thats how you know you built a game right and its completely balanced out and not fan serviced...

Charazani3035d ago

This is the second time I've read the line...
"Another big addition that came out our player feedback from Killzone 2 is the new career system. There are five class, six weapons and six abilities per class, and now, players can choose how they want to upgrade their weapons and abilities with the skill points their earn during multiplayer."

Are they confirming 30 weapons for multiplayer? Or is that a mistake.

DanyBrown3035d ago

sounds like it but how could they pack so much awesome in one game???

heroprotagonist3035d ago

some of the weapons from each class are probably the same. But it definitely sounds like there will be more weapons.

Biggest3035d ago

I'm glad. That was the one thing I complained about in Killzone 2. The lame trooper was the only one able to use multiple weapon types. Maybe they'll make it like MAG in that you can only have so many points for allotment. That would make for more balanced load-outs.

writersblock3035d ago

Im gussing a few weapons will be on all classes like the M4 type main ISA rifle and the STA-52, same with pistols

But thats still 22 different guns

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