Peter Molyneux demos Milo, the virtual boy

A video from Peter Molyneux's TED presentation of Milo, which took place a few weeks ago.

Wizziokid5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

I've been waiting to see this since the event!

it's actually rather impressive.

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Natsu X FairyTail5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Imma make Milo kill his parents!!! hell yeah i'll try this just to make him the craziest milo lmao.

edit @ GWAVE

This is a INTERACTIVE game where you give orders to the characters and Interact with him. This as nothing to do with the Type of game Heavy Rain is. GTfo with that bs . lame.

0mega45079d ago (Edited 5079d ago )


at least sony isn't secretly planning the end of the man kind

but seriously
this is the best thing i've seen from kinect.
yet i don't know how many people are looking to a interact and be a childs imaginary friend
to creepy for me.

sulack5080d ago

There is nothing impressive about it. Having dealt with children all my life (family runs a day care) Everything Milo does is a blunt response. Yes he acts like a child but children dont react and respond the same way adults do. When someone acts aggressively toward a child it doesent matter what is said the response you get back is usually a bad response and vice versa. Everything Milo did had nothing to do with what he was saying. Just listen to when he is talking to Milo in the bedroom and replace his words with your own (make sure its kind). Milo's responses will fit with anything.

Trebius5080d ago

When you read the TED community's comments below the video, they're so well-spoken and mature, it makes me wish N4G's community was the same...and not a bunch of 14 year olds ... :(

It's hard to have an actual discussion on this website without some troll coming in and ruining it all.

xboxlj5080d ago

The Kinect technology is very impressive and has a whole lot of potential. Yeah the very first interactive AI demo on it isnt perfect, but what AI is perfect? I can see the kinect tech being applied in a lot of things in the future, even beyond gaming. Can you imagine walking up to your door and having it automatically recognizing you, or your automobile recognizing you. Any fan boy that thinks this tech is a waste is either lying or not very smart.

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iamnsuperman5080d ago

OMG lame...."cheer milo up because he has just moved house and doesn't have friends".....

DelbertGrady5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Milo is real and you can sit down and play it. Two of the most famous fanboy arguments against Kinect debunked in under 5 minutes.

Looks really interesting, and like something both Lionhead and MS have put a lot of resources in. The cloud part he mentioned at the end though makes me think it's not coming out in a while.

R2D25080d ago

You might wake up the trolls.

Lou-Cipher5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Peter Molyneux's own words on MILO from this video:

"Now, I'll be honest with you and say, that most of it is just a trick."

So how does this appeal to games, and how does this appeal to 360 owners?

How in the world are you 360 fanboys still defending Kinect? every time a new Kinect video is shown (a real demo, not a staged one) it is only decreasing the value of the 360 even more. (Kinect is slowly killing the 360 and you still defend it)

Microsoft is only embarrassing themselves with every Kinect demonstration that is shown.

dabri55080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

His definition of trick isn't a horrible thing. Ai is all a trick. There is no REAL learning from the computer point of view yet. He is saying, Milo isn't going to actually learn. There are pre-determined paths but the amount of branching paths is massive do to the almost infinite customizations. He doesn't mean Kinect is a trick. He means the interaction is.

After letting the video finish, something really cool is revealed though. The DB mentioned is stored on a cloud server. This means, information from everyone who plays with Milo will be stored in that DB. This means the amount of things that Milo will recognize or know how to respond to will only improve. Pretty cool trick if you ask me.

Moentjers5080d ago

trick is that it took him almost a year to study this acting with the AI

Grown Folks Talk5079d ago

is tricks. Visual & audio techniques to make you see & hear what the developer wants to represent.

TheTeam065080d ago

It's programmed for that. Microsoft already stated that you'll be able to do it for games that are programmed to do so.

And wasn't the biggest fanboy argument about the massive lag in it's simple games?

Dr-ZOOM5080d ago

Trick or not it does look interesting.

Biggest5080d ago

"The cloud part he mentioned at the end though makes me think it's not coming out in a while."

But go out and buy Kinect when it's available. When something worthwhile is released, in about 3 years, you'll be happy that you paid full price.

outrageous5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Good luck to Sony if this becomes a game which it no doubt will. Kids everywhere will be buying this. You have to think about Milo goes to school for the first time and Milo's first kiss, girlfriend, wife and kids...Heck, even grandparent...it would be MONUMENTAL!!!. M$ and Lionhead really have to fast track and patent as much of this tech as possible. We all know how Sony steals everything M$ does. Wait for the inevitable Sony 3D camera they claim to be working on.

Peter Molyneux really was open about this demo and it was extremely impressive with great voice acting and graphics. I could see an entire game like Fable using the same ideas used in this brief glimpse. As Peter alluded to this was a small look into the life of Milo or any life like story. Combat could potentialy look like this great exclusive Kinect game...


I don't know how Sony can respond to the incredible ideas beginning to pop up. Kinect will be huge, that is for certain.

0mega45079d ago

dude you are making a funny right.

"We all know how Sony steals everything M$ does."
yes/s like the eye toy which has similar 2D capabilities and functions
m$ copied wii avatars and is now redoing them to be more realistic like sonys playstation home avatars

kinect is nothing more than windows vista

the next kinect might be huge but the tech just isn't there for this one

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Fishy Fingers5080d ago

Technically it's very impressive, especially if they pull of all of what Peter is saying. But personally, it's not something I'd be interested in "playing", I find it all rather weird on a social level.

facelike5080d ago

Yeah, I agree.

It was really strange to me to be cleaning up the room while Milo gets yelled at for spilling sausages. Like that uncomfortable, I'd rather be somewhere else, anywhere else, than here feeling.

Patrick5080d ago

Milo didnt actually respond DIRECTLY to anything the guy said. He instead gave cover all type statements. I mean, the guy mentions a new school and friends, and milo answers that he misses his old house. Then the guy mentions the house and pond, and milo says it was good skimming stones.. like the guy had mentioned skimming stones. Why? because it only knew he spoke, not what he said. It may pick up on certain words.. but its limited and still seems scripted.. BORING.

Omega45080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Very interesting but I wonder where they actually plan to go with it.

The video is also a very good demonstration that Kinect works while sitting down.

Fishy Fingers5080d ago (Edited 5080d ago )

Screens from this presentation have been around for a while (month or so) that show him using Milo while sat down. http://n4g.com/news/564138/...

Several devs have said its fine for sitting down, as long as its programmed to recognise it. The rumour should of been debunked months ago.