CVG: New Milo screens arrive but Molyneux puts commercial release in doubt.

New gameplay screens of Peter Molyneux's Milo & Kate Kinect software have arrived, via snaps taken at the Lionhead boss's TEDGlobal presentation yesterday.

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captain-obvious3073d ago

"but Molyneux puts commercial release in doubt"

you ppl think this thing is real ???

DelbertGrady3073d ago (Edited 3073d ago )

I think it's real as in a working tech demo. As Molyneux said it's doubtful if it will be released as a retail game. But it could still be used in, or influence other games.

Tech demos aren't allowed now either? If they demoed it in fron of an audience at TEDGlobal it can't be all fake.

Will be interesting to see the footage later this week.


''Tech demos aren't allowed or?''

Only if those are real Tech Demos and not Fake Tech Demos like in E3.

HolyOrangeCows3073d ago

The journalists all said they were told what to say at private Milo showings. I wouldn't define reading off a script to be "real"

A real "concept" maybe, but not a real application.

RageAgainstTheMShine3073d ago

Tech Demo?

Really Soda?

My goodness! Reality check. Don't you know the difference between a real tech demo and a real video footage.

tech demos are technology demonstrated live and hands on like the PlayStation Move controllers last E3 2009.

Milo & Kate wasn't even demonstrated live and hands on! It was only a prerecorded video like most Kinect presentations at E3 2010!

"Will be interesting to see the footage later this week." - Yeah for you video footage are considered tech demos. wow

RageAgainstTheMShine3073d ago

its obvious, capitan. obviously a hoax to pull xbotic legs.

If you want to destroy the competition with a killer app you show it live on E3. But this hoaxery was never to be seen nor demonstrated.

J-Smith3073d ago

how can you release vaporware? LoL

jerethdagryphon3073d ago

hrmm thats a point ghina what changed from the engineering prototpyes for move in 2009 to the final product, certinly not looks

josh143993073d ago

you would have to be a pedo to buy this game anyway

Kakihara3073d ago

I can't believe anyone ever expected these things to see commercial release anyway. They were clearly created for Petey's own personal pleasure. Watch the first stage demo, as Milo is talking to the woman look at his hands. He clearly signs the words, "Help me. Uncle Peter touches my naughty place".

oldjadedgamer3073d ago

Why release it? Its not actually a game. And I find it very hard to believe that "hanging out" with Milo could be fun for more than a couple of hours, even with a younger child.

Kids know what video games are, they want to play and do something, even if its stupid to us "hardcore" gamers. Kids will have fun with kinect, just not a Milo game.

DEIx15x83073d ago

I agree, this never seemed like a game and doesn't seem to have any potential to transform into anything that could be classified as a game. It does have the potential though to show off the Kinects capabilities and I could see this being released through special order as a tool for helping children with social disorders gain skills and overcome some of their problems.

jerethdagryphon3073d ago

thats actualoly not a bad idea deix.

autistics and asperger could likly learn lots from a ai to help them learn about emotions and such

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The story is too old to be commented.