Peter Molyneux's studio 22cans suffers layoffs

From "UK developer 22cans has suffered a round of redundancies, has learned.

The studio, founded by Fable creator Peter Molyneux, has laid off multiple employees, although an exact figure has not been disclosed.

A spokesperson said: "Unfortunately, due to a number of factors including projects reaching a certain stage in their development, we can confirm that a number of roles at 22cans have been made redundant."

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sourOG763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

Doesn’t that always happen with every studio lol? Contract workers for certain stages.

kythlyn763d ago

I'm just surprised 22cans is still in business. They aren't communicating at all with their customers and they've abandoned their games in early access. Godus is still a mess that they're happy to keep selling without support. I kickstarted that game, and I have regrets.

Skywalker333763d ago

Indeed, I was almost certain that they had closed down sometime ago :P

sourOG763d ago

Wow that blows. I haven’t heard anything about them either, I just figured they were quietly working on something like ken Levine’s ghost story games.

Eamon763d ago

Seriously, what is Peter Molyneux up to these days? In his prime, he was the most famous western developer in the world. Now he's doing f all.

njitram2000763d ago

If you look at the 22cans games apparently

MasterChief3624763d ago

People became privy to his practice of promising big and delivering small. He is the perennial example of an artist that has huge ambition but not the resolve to follow through with those promises. I don't dislike him, as he has brought us some good games. But he is a constant punchline for me when I think of developers getting high and mighty.

Jericho1337763d ago

I saw an interview a few years ago saying he was inspired by the mobile gaming market and that anyone can become a “gamer”.

Such a shame, for all his critics he’s brought us some fantastic games and I’m sure he’d still be able to contribute something to the core gaming market.

lonewolf10763d ago

I'm surprised that they are still going to be honest.

fitofficial763d ago (Edited 763d ago )

They're not actually layoffs, they're fantastical multi-faceted journeys into lands of unimaginable unemployment giving the worker near-infinite freedom of choice.

jznrpg763d ago

Yes . Classic Peter Molyneux

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