Phantom: The Lost Gaming Console from 2004

Photos from an id's studio portfolio reveal the Phantom Game Receiver, an ill-fated attempt to penetrate the console-gaming market. Robrady studio boasted that its design helped the company behind the Phantom, then called Infinium Labs, to secure capital through a 2004 IPO. The Phantom was even showcased at the E3 of that year.

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Independent_Charles3010d ago

it looks like my cheap ass tape player lol

SupaGamer3010d ago

Yeah, it looks like a video game system you'd find at CVS.

nikkisixx23009d ago

it looks like an alarm clock lol

mcnablejr3009d ago

poseidon. Your sneaky lol.

Did you purposely make it unclear as to whether you like the look of it or not?

*agree* *agree*

ProjectVulcan3009d ago (Edited 3009d ago )

The concept will probably be eventually how the industry is. All digital delivery. Its a pioneer and unfortunately lives up to its name in the marketplace as a phantom.

A machine a good ten ten years too soon. Dont forget it, because when console X comes out with only a hard drive and people start crowing over the idea etc etc you can say well its not new, there was this one console talked about ages ago.....

Pc is setting the trend heavily as it is now with digital delivery, with most reports citing at least half of all games delivered online. Its only a matter of time until console follows suit be it 5,10 or 15 years.

hoops3009d ago

Very true. DD is coming sooner than most people think mainstream. Simply for the fact that it will const developers less money to sell their games this way. Cut out the middle man...cut out shipping, packaging and distribution through the normal channels. Saves HUGE money. This is why its coming. It's going to save the game developers money. Plain and simple

IRetrouk3010d ago

it looks like a cross of a playstation 2 silver and an xbox.

xino3010d ago

look at it now...OnLive and Giaka are taking it's place.


Nice. I pre-ordered this a long time ago. Any day now.

HolyOrangeCows3009d ago

It'll be worth the wait to play it's number 1 exclusive, Duke Nukem Forever.

3009d ago