Step aside, Mario, Wario Land deserves some time to shine

Wario Land games deserve to make a comeback into Nintendo’s lineup.

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Ranking Wario's Greatest Games

COG: With the mustachioed maniac’s new release just around the corner, I’ve decided to rank the top 10 Wario games.

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Nerdmaster203d ago

How in heaven's name Warioware Twisted is not on the list? It deserves the top 1 spot easily!


Where's Wario? - The Unrealized Potential of Wario Land

TechRaptor writes: After years of ignoring it, Nintendo needs to bring back the Wario Land series.

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Is a classic coming back? Nintendo registers the Wario Land brand

It has done the same with eight other brands, some of which prepare new video games.

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DigitalRaptor2253d ago

Please... I hope so.

It's been too long.

Tross2252d ago

I really loved this series growing up, so I'd love for it to return in some capacity.

Lighter92252d ago

Yes! I'd rather have a Land, rather than Ware any day.