Gamespot: Dragon Age II Hands-On

gamespot writes: BioWare has taken the ninja approach to unveiling Dragon Age II while here at Comic-Con 2010. After confirming the game's existence earlier in the month, the EA-owned developer has bypassed any elaborate press conferences or exclusive appointments in order to give anyone here at the show a chance to see--and play--a brief demo of this highly anticipated role-playing game. Having previously seen nothing more than some concept art, we jumped at the chance to wait in line and see what BioWare's been up to since the first game arrived last November.

After letting in a group of fans, lead designer Mike Laidlaw took a few minutes to let everyone know what sort of changes to expect in the world of Ferelden. One of the biggies is the method of storytelling. Dragon Age II will take on the style of a "framed narrative", or a story within a story.

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