Halo: Reach supports user-generated content

E4G: At Comic-Con a panel of Bungie staff reveal new Firefight and Forge additions for their upcoming title Halo: Reach.

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TheColbertinator3012d ago

Sounds good to me.Hope I can customize weapons too.I want to create a sniper rifle that shoots anti-vehicle grenade rounds.Useful for those damn ghost spammers.

dkblackhawk503012d ago

That would be awesome to have custom weapons. Mine would be a shotgun and sniper mix :D

mmoracerules3012d ago

Sniper Needler style for me!

dkblackhawk503012d ago

That actually doesn't sound like a bad idea. Would be cheap though ;)

mmoracerules3012d ago

Nah, would be fun cheap for me, you have got to give me the credit :P

GWAVE3012d ago

Halo has always been about customization. It's one of its strongest points.

Now, I'm not expecting "Halo Big Planet", but I think if Reach really takes FPS customization to the next level I will eat humble pie and give it a chance.

Kingdom Come3012d ago

You've been a lot more mature lately, I like that :) Keep it up, if only other people could follow suit, then N4 G woul be a much nicer place...

FragMnTagM3012d ago

I can't believe I actually gave you a bubble. Props for not being a troll like usual. I would love to see more people talk instead of complain about ridiculous crap all the time. Keep it up and I will make sure you get out of your 1 bubble man.

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rroded3012d ago

something like the forge but more indept would b cool

reach is def gearing up to b the game to get for 360 owners.

thor3012d ago

I'm not sure weapon customization is a good thing. It puts focus on the individual rather than the team and the dynamics of the game. You can't fight against someone based on their weaknesses, because they could have customized any weapon to fight you with. They will also spawn with this amazing weapon and so the most powerful weapons in the game are given to you at the start.

mmoracerules3012d ago

Glad to see that Bungie supports user generated content :D

dkblackhawk503012d ago

Yep, its the community that makes the killer maps :P (Bungie does make good ones, but it is nice to see what the community can do)

BuIIetproofish_3012d ago

That's why its the only FPS I'll get 2010 or 2011.

PimpHandHappy3012d ago


i love the idea of this.... Imagine 100's of maps at your finger tips...

ic4ruz3012d ago

We PC gamers have had this since the 90's.......

Cueil3012d ago

brings back memories of the really crappy map editors for Quake 2

PimpHandHappy3012d ago

not much a PC gamer... i like my Total War games and RTS's but when it comes 2shooters i never liked PC

gamingisnotacrime3012d ago

Cant wait, i ordered my ODST copy and the Live subscription in order to get ready for the inevitable blockbuster Reach will be.

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The story is too old to be commented.