The GATE: Crackdown 2 review

W. Andrew Powell writes, "When Crackdown was released in 2007, the game was something of a surprise hit for Microsoft's still-fledgling Xbox 360. The title combined all of the best elements of classic arcade games with building-leaping excitement and gun-toting explosive action as you worked to destroy the gangs of Pacific City.

Ruffian's sequel may not show off the developer's genius at reinvention, but Crackdown 2 is perfectly timed to be a summer hit that's still undeniably fun while building on the original game's essential framework.

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NastyLeftHook3021d ago

not that great of a game i suppose

edhe3021d ago

Actually it's fantastically fun :)

If you like fun games you'll want to play crackdown & crackdown 2 - especially if you like playing with physics & friends.