Crackdown 2 For Xbox One Is Available Now For Free, Here's How To Download It

Microsoft has released Crackdown 2 for the Xbox One and in a bid to get as many players to enjoy it as possible, they are releasing it for free but that offer might expire soon.

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NarutoFox1473d ago

This game is better than CD3

AnthonyDavis1473d ago

Too expensive. Time and electricity.

Araragifeels 1473d ago

I prefer CD2 more than CD3 because CD2 just copy everything from the OG and just added some new stuff on top which was great (even though CD2 feel like a dlc for CD1). In CD1-2 weapons, vehicle, enemies, close combat are way better than CD3. CD3 didn't really innovate and it was fun for a few hours until you get bored, boss fight is much easier to fight compare to a horde of enemies with missile, heliturrent, giant robot throwing rocks that can kill you very fast..

Sadly, I don't have an Xbox and I can't play CD1-2
backwards compatibility on Windows 10.

Bane351473d ago

Hush boy everybody been dumping on CD3 so you prove nothing

EmperorDalek1473d ago

No... In no way is Crackdown 2 better. That's a game that should have got bad scores, and is even more proof that Crackdown 3 is underrated. Along with actual rubbish like State of Decay 2 somehow scoring higher.

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JonTheGod1473d ago

Lazy sequel, but a free game is a free game.

LiViNgLeGaCY1473d ago

This game was awful. I wouldn't grab it even if it was free.

DasTier1473d ago

The original crackdown is actually so underrated, an awesome physics playground. Both it’s sequels are actually embarrassing.