Crackdown 2 coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility for free

Major Nelson: Crackdown 2 is coming to Xbox One Backward Compatibility today and will be available for free.

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AnthonyDavis1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

BC, one of the most overrated features

littletad1474d ago

Playing games you own is overrated?

bluefox7551474d ago

It's less overrated when your present console doesn't really put out much quality software. If you're getting great games regularly, it's probably less of a concern for the average gamer.

Godmars2901474d ago

Because when it was on the PS3 day-one of launch, where the 360 tried patching for certain titles only to drop it once Sony pulled it off consoles for a cost saving feature, you only heard how BC was a useless feature. Its only seemingly come back into fashion because MS is doing it. Nevermind that they're doing it amid complaints that they don't put out enough 1st party titles.

King_Noctis1474d ago

Because you favourite console have none of that? Let see how your tune changes next gen.

DillyDilly1474d ago

You are gonna enjoy playing your PS4 games on the PS6 when that gets it

antz11041474d ago

Lol that's such a salty response.

AnthonyDavis1474d ago

^lol I have all systems and I don’t need BC. Just a waste of time and money.

And eventually I can play all that crap on my pc for free on better settings. Also why play old games? I already play those and I’m only interested in current releases.

chiefJohn1171474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Im willing to bet money he was first in line to buy the last of us for ps4 lol

x_xavier_x1474d ago


Are free games overrated too?

AnthonyDavis1474d ago

^free games, people got silly principles and don’t do that. So it’s not overrated.

TLoU is a good remaster. Cleaned up the graphics/aliasing. And bumped up the frame rate. So that’s a far cry being a BC game. I enjoyed TLoU remaster more. Graphics were messy on the PS3 version.

King_Noctis1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

“^lol I have all systems and I don’t need BC. Just a waste of time and money.”

But isn’t BC free? Also, having BC mean having to buy or own less console, so how is that a waste of money?

“And eventually I can play all that crap on my pc for free on better settings. Also why play old games?”

Do you know you are contradicting yourself?

rainslacker1474d ago

Isn't this the same game that even the XBox fan boys said pretty much sucked in the series?

Free is good, but why would you play a bad game, even if it's free?

AnthonyDavis1472d ago


“^lol I have all systems and I don’t need BC. Just a waste of time and money.”

But isn’t BC free? Also, having BC mean having to buy or own less console, so how is that a waste of money?

R/D costs and hardware costs and development time. Physical disc you bought, that’s not free.

“And eventually I can play all that crap on my pc for free on better settings. Also why play old games?”

Do you know you are contradicting yourself?

Keyword is “can” so that’s not a contradiction.

Emulation is not BC. Also better settings. Completely free. Does not take up physical space as much. PC is the best to play old games so why should the other console holders waste time for a shittier version. Also even with that I barely play old games. I play the remasters.

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WhyHate1475d ago

The whisper campaign against Crackdown 3 is REAL... CD:3 in it's entirety is a truly GREAT GAME, multiplayer included (no exceptions needed) but for whatever reasons (I know I have my own suspicions) the gaming "press," more like media PR wings and propaganda machines, have decided to blackball (pun intended) or troll this game. 

And now their minor trolls and imps are in the forms lying and bashing this game for no reason other then for the lulz... 

IF YOU'VE PLAYED AND LIKE THIS GAME CONTINUE TO DO SO, because there is a concerted and misguided effort be it for personal or political reasons to ensure that this game fails.

And really also for the simple reason that, there is nothing like it on the PlayStation or any other platform out there, a unique openworld co-op game and a fully destructable multiplayer experience.

winter_hill1475d ago

I enjoyed the first one, didn't much like the second. I just got an X1 a month ago, and I'm looking forward to playing this. Definitely waiting for a price drop though. I've read the campaign is quite short, and I'm not interested in the MP. I won't pay full price for a short campaign, even though I already know I'm going to enjoy this game.

WhyHate1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

Yeah I've been playing it since launch, I'm really passionate about this game.

It's great but the campaign is what you make of it. If you're methodical and take out all of the bosses supporting elements piece-by-piece it could take you twice as long but if you speed run through leveling up your character and rush through the bosses it'll probably take about eight.

But then you still have to get to a maxed out character and play in legendary difficulty.

The true Crackdown experience

TK-661475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

You could try it in Game Pass as an alternative. I can't remember if the GP offer is still on right now but I'm sure you can find a cheap code online which would more than easily give enough time to beat the game.

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AspiringProGenji1475d ago (Edited 1475d ago )

There’s the infamous series and Gravity Rush who are similar to Crackdown on PS4 (open world, orb collecting, action). And there’s Saints Row and Agents of mayhen too (open world worh lots of destructions). CD is not that unique. And the destruction is nothing that hasn’t been done before. And certainly, the cloud destruction turned to be a lie

Continue to enjoy your poor game that MS hyped and promised it will be great with the cloud, but there’s no anti MS campaign or anything like that. The game is a disappointment. Just Deal with it

ZwVw1475d ago

Lol. The lead designer of Gravity Rush openly cited Crackdown as a major influence to the series in terms of gameplay. How old are you? Twelve?

AspiringProGenji1474d ago

^this guy... 🤦🏽‍♂️

rainslacker1474d ago

As far as I can tell, he's not saying that GR was first to have a game like this, just that it's similar. If the designer of GR said it was influenced by CD, then that only supports the original posters comment.

CD isn't unique, even if it was first.

But being unique or not, or being first or not, or no matter how many games have similar mechanics, it doesn't change the fact that the game was a disappointment to many, and that it didn't deliver fully on what was promised. Doesn't change the fact that the game is flawed.

Araragifeels 1475d ago

CD1 is way better and more memorable. CD3 vehicle is useless (CD1-2 at least there was variety of vehicles with different features and leveling it was fun), so many unneeded enemy in one area(higher difficulty is just insane that I died instally), the game is short(took me less than 5 hours to pass the story) and boss fight is ok(generic and are not that op compare to fight so much enemy in area), the world feels empty(there was barely an person or vehicle compare to CD1 which the world was more alive).

DrumBeat1474d ago

The boss fights are a joke. Hop around with explosive weapons until they are dead. That was my strategy with every single boss as there's no need or sense in doing it any other way.

The cutscenes were more interesting than the fights.

SegaSaturn6691475d ago

It's an unequivocal failure. It looks fun to play, but not at that pricepoint.

StifflerK1475d ago

I've completed the campaign and enjoyed the combat / traversal, but the game is lacking is so many other areas it doesn't justify it's price point especially in comparison to other games of the same genre this gen.

Yeah, you can play it on game pass, but they're also selling it for the same price as RDR2, even though it has a fraction of the content.

And yes, the devs have plans to add more content to it over time, but releasing unfinished games at full price is not something to be encouraged. It's like early access without the initial discount.

1474d ago
DrumBeat1474d ago

There's simply not enough meat to the game. The game is too straightforward and barebones. Believe it or not, I was at GameStop buying Metro Exodus and saw someone purchasing a physical copy. I told him about GamePass but he didn't want it.

If you look at all the game's parts (and there aren't many) you'll see that this is a $15-$20 game at best. Simple game and can be enjoyed. Not entirely awful, but not really good either.

rainslacker1474d ago

No game really has the same amount of content as RDR2, so I don't think that's a fair metric to decide if the selling point is right. Almost no game can live up to that.

It's not to say that the game is worth $60. I'd say it's a mid-tier game at best, and I think if it weren't game pass needing to look more valuable, then the game probably would have been $30-40 at launch.

Godmars2901474d ago

There's a - whisper? - campaign against CD3 because it was used as a showcase title for cloud distribution, only that fell apart. Now its only a revisit of CD2, which itself is considered a poor CD1 sequel.

Razzer1474d ago

lol.....right, there is a massive conspiracy against Crackdown 3 because the game features a black main character, right? That was what you said when the negative reviews came out. And here you are again in an article that isn't even about Crackdown 3. Keep yapping away your nonsense. People who don't like the game are not going to like any more because you are upset and jumping at shadows.

annoyedgamer1474d ago

Crackdown 3 was ruined my MS. Don't deny it. I am a huge fan of the first but lets dispel with the "sleeper hit" rubbish I hear so much now to defend AAA debacles.

mandingo1474d ago (Edited 1474d ago )

Yea its fun thats was these games always are just mindless fun. Put 25 hours in already. Does get a bit repetitive and not much story but blowing shit up never gets old and I dig the art style the more I look at it. 7/10 solely for the fun factor.

isarai1474d ago

As someone who was obsessed with the first one, no it isn't, honestly this isn't nearly as good as the first one, the only things i find as an improvement is the addition of double jumps and air dashes, and the sense of scale when on one sky scraper looking at other sky scrapers. Past that everything else falls short of the first game, hell Saints Row IV offered a better super powered open world experience than C3. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING in this game is "great".

is it fun? sure, but damn does that game try to kill that fun as much as it can, like the way nearly every car catches the ground when trying to hit a ramp completely killing your speed, or the way targeting seperate body parts doesn't really do anything but a damage difference whereas in the first an arm shot would disarm them, and a leg shot would trip them. Or the way you can't pop tires anymore with a single well placed shot, instead you have to empty6-12 shots into a tire and then it just falls off and the car just slow to a stop instead of flipping hollywood action style like the first. Or the way you cant kick cars/objects to move them anymore, the ground pound has barely any actual physical force where in the first one it would flip cars if they were nearby.

"because there is a concerted and misguided effort be it for personal or political reasons to ensure that this game fails. "
"political"? wtf are you talking about, and it's not misguided, theres a reason people don't like it, and there is a MP destruction game, it's a last gen game they remastered for the PS4, Red Faction Guerilla, look it up. Also open world co-op is not unique, every far cry has it, every saints row has it, ghost Recon Wildlands, Division, Borderlands, etc all have co-op online open world campaigns.

I'm not on a crusade to hate this game cause i don't, it was just a disappointment, still got some fun out of it but after 12hrs or so i'm just not having any fun with it at all whereas in the first i put in over 200hrs maxing out every character cause i like the gameplay so much and i wanted to see how each character looked as they evolved getting upgraded changes in their awesome hair styles, bears, tattoos and piercings (yet another thing C3 doesn't do as good as the original)

Want proof it aint up to par?

even if you take the wonky co-op physics out of the equation, the physics still just aren't very fun the play with, and the physics is the backbone of what made the first one fun

MasterCornholio1474d ago

No Don’t Hate there isn’t some conspiracy against the game. A lot of people agree that it isn’t very good.

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Iltapalanyymi1475d ago

got it, i've been meaning to get crackdown 2 anyways

Cajun Chicken1475d ago

Nice one. Looking forward to this. Crackdown 2 had it's moments, like magnetic limpet mines.
Good to have the full trilogy available for play.

Enjoying Crackdown 3 for what it is

Nintentional1474d ago

Same I’m having fun with Crack Down 3

1475d ago
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