20° An Optimist's View on Dragon Age 2 and RPGs in General

First, let me put this out there: we hardcore RPG fans, myself included, we’re awesome. But because we’re awesome, we suck.

Change is inherently scary. Change creates uncertainty and most humans (at least almost all that I’ve met) would prefer not to be blind-sided by something they didn’t expect. Human nature also often dictates that when change is on the horizon, fear is a natural response because the brain calculates the possibility of negative results and amplifies those more than potential positive results. Suffice to say, I’m not suprised at the early reactions of many Dragon Age fans who are already prognosticating the doom of the Dragon Age brand and of BioWare’s RPGs. RPGs as a genre are in some trouble, I’d say. But allow me to try to allay your fears and reassure you that although Dragon Age and the RPG genre as a whole may be changing, it’ll all be OK.

By Steve Garbacz

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