WarDevil : Enigma screens

Some screenshots taken from WarDevil : Enigma . No further info was given about the game yet looks promising.

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omegaheat5393d ago

Why post this news. This game has been confirmed as a PS3 exclusive. The graphics however are awesome. But then again, most of the PS3 games shown are always cut scenes of some sort, and no actual gameplay. I'm tired of movies showcasing games. Any next gen hardware can create movies. It's whenever the control gets behind the gameplay is when things really start to change.

kingboy5393d ago

dude cuts scenes of halo are been post here,so really what`s your problem..?

omegaheat5393d ago

It's not that I don't I don't appreciate cut scenes. I just don't like how misleading it can be to advertise games like this with cut scenes. Most of the time it's just a big let down when we start to see actual gameplay mechanics. As for Halo, you're right, it does make me get goose bumps when I see the trailer. But come on, Halo was a bad example. Microsoft and Bungie thus far have put up and not shut up for the Halo games. That game speaks for itself. Metal Gear Solid4 had a beautiful trailer, but that doesn't say anything about the gameplay. The last two games have become old and tired. Everytime I see a PS3 game, it's always some type of movie sometimes made of in-engine graphics. Through in some AI and gameplay mechanics and then watch what will happen. More developers should do their homework and take lessons from the game "Beyond Good and Evil". The game was arguably underated, but if you've played it, you'd know what I'm talking about. Even with the 360, there are only a handful of next gen looking games that have appeared to be next gen in gameplay. And they aren't even out yet. Gears of War, Mass Effect, and Bio Shock so far are proving their worthy of the next gen.

Karibu5392d ago

FFXIII trailer should wipe your concerns away. It's mixed CGI and game-play.

BTW Beyond Good and Evil <3

pRo loGic II5393d ago

I agree with the tierd of movies getting in the way of the gameplay #1(my start button is always the first to go) lol, but I dissagree with this game being exclusive to PS3.#2 With MS's straight forward relaytionship with it's consumers i highly doubt Bunjie and Microsoft would lie about CGI made from game engine; the Halo3 GGI will look like this during gameplay.

ASTAROTH5391d ago

Well the Halo 3 demo looks good, but even if it wasnt CG was made just to demonstrate what to expect from the next Halo. Its the same masked thing that Sony always do, only this time Micro did it. So I hope H3 looks like the trailer, but I dont dare to say it will. H3 was made jus to ripost what was supossed to be the big SHOW of the E3, The PS3. So I have my doubts.