Five-year WarDevil project cancelled

London studio survives closure threat; ‘30 staff’ made redundant.

A protracted development process and mounting costs has resulted in the five-year WarDevil project face cancellation at the final stretch.

The game’s developer Ignition was expected to close its London offices, though the studio says it is fighting on.

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Pennywise2920d ago

This vaporware has finally been canceled? Shocking.

AtatakaiSamurai2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

no *hit Sherlock,

gamers don't even give a damn cause the game might as well have never existed at all cause we saw close to NOTHING about the game except for some demo trailer vids in 2006.

i have no clue what the point was with this title.

zootang2920d ago

I think the fact that CEO Vijay Chadha has been missing/absent for the last 3 months was the problem

-Gespenst-2920d ago

Why are you so disgruntled? The game got cancelled, but you didn't really care about it in the first place, so why get angry?

Plus the game looked really awesome from the trailer, the artwork and the screenshots. You can't just denounce the game completely having not played it all. The guys that were developing it were clearly pretty passionate, and they don't need some spoilt naysayer like you pouring salt on the wound.

There's alot of people posting here I could say this to btw but you were at the top of the comments.

ash_divine2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"The guys that were developing it were clearly pretty passionate". That's IF they were developing it. Remember that rumour from back around 2008 or 2009 that was saying that Wardevil was just a scheme to raise funds or something? It's looking more and more true.

edit: I would have believed the game existed if they had showed something from it. Even if it was a work in progress. The fact that they knew Wardevil was being branded as vapourware(that's the reason they responded to the allegations) and STILL decided not to show anything pretty much says it all.

tacosRcool2919d ago

what a waste of 5 years to accomplish absolutely nothing

lodossrage2920d ago

This isn't much of a surprise at all. It's about time they officially announced it canceled.

UNCyrus2920d ago

still saddens me... the announcement trailer was epic

SpideyNut2920d ago

...yet 100% fake. The RTE 1080 was BS...the actual game looked like it was running on UE3.

joydestroy2920d ago

old actually. was confirmed to be canceled a few months ago

B_Rian892920d ago

I thought it was already canceled. This game was announced around the launch of PS3

xg-ei8ht2920d ago

So PS3 Exclusive turned into multiplat turned into canceled.


AllroundGamer2920d ago

they saw what happened to FFXIII, so they better stepped back slowly...

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The story is too old to be commented.