Ignition ceases internal development of WarDevil

International publisher Ignition Entertainment has shut down its internal London arm, and its associated projects - notably, the oft-delayed action title, WarDevil - with it. However, the once PS3-exclusive title may still have a future.

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ico923340d ago

what was the game even about ? anyway im not so dissapointed by this than i was by the 8 days cancellation , do people remember the tech demo it looked soo cool

Chubear3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Vapourware confirmed!

erathaol3340d ago

Wardevil: Unleash the Beast Within is an open world fantasy action-adventure game for the Playstation 3. The game is being developed by Digi-Guys and published by Ignition. The game uses a new game engine called RTE1080 (Real Time Engine). A Xbox 360 version was cancelled because the developers wanted to focus on one platform and they felt that was the platform where they could achieve the best quality that they are aiming for. It was later stated announced that yet again there would be an Xbox 360 version. They also say to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, ruined hotels, huge bars, and military bases. Digi-Guys also released info that they are working on 'an accompanying a Blu-Ray movie that is at least graphically equal to the game. It will be used to debut various characters and scenarios throughout the life of the main WarDevil Project' (PSU, Jan 01/09), entitled Wardevil Chronicles.

As of August 2010, no new information has been released concerning the game. As well, both the game's and developer's websites are no longer online.

HammockGames3340d ago

... up pops something that cements it further.

The official website has been dead for a while no, I believe.

Who woulda' thought Duke Nukem Forever would be destined to hit the market before Wardevil?

joydestroy3339d ago

i didn't forget about this game. i've been waiting to hear something on it and wasn't hoping for this. i hope it still sees the light of day. good concept and artwork.

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gauntletpython3340d ago

Even Michael Pachter coulda called this one...

NYC_Gamer3340d ago

this game never existed in the first place

mastiffchild3340d ago

#Existed as concept and they even had enough funding to make a few short CGIs and in engine scenes but around new year(2008/9) IIRC a mate of mine who's now with R* and previously worked for Sony Cam,bridge applied for a job listing on the game-neither he nor any of the other 20 people he knew (and none of them knew anyone who got a reply, an interview or anything from Digiguys much less the offer of a job apparently)who applied ever got as much as an acknowledgement for applying. He doesn't know anyone who'd worked on it for ages(one animator he knew worked on it in the very earliest days but that's about it and also about all we ever got to see, really, til the shocking redesign) and reckons that the job ads and the occasional press released bits and bobs were trying to convince people the project was alive while attracting further funding. Remember this was a very ambitious tiotle and part of a scheme which would also have seen films, animations and a Wii game too! 60fps/1080p and with their own brand new engine to boot and all this from virtual novices at this level.

I liked the original short I saw and was always interested in the project but after digging around for a bit a couple of years ago I was brought to the same conclusion as my mate-it never actually got to be any kind of game beyond maybe a short working demo in rough and the glossy couple of minutes GCI/in engine footage of cut scenes. I hope the full story comes out one day because for a game that never got shown being played it managed to get a lot of attention and perhaps the last (it's multi again! So not just 1080p 60fps on PS3 but 360 as well? As I say the over ambition should be a red flag in itself)push was that little bit with the redesigned lead in the stupid new helmet. If their last hope was a bit of dodgy headwear that wrecked the whole aesthetic of their game it might go some way to explaining the madness going on around the project-it might even just have been a scam , as some have said they believe, to shaft investors. I hope we find out one day cos, and I can't go into it here, there are a lot more of things about the supposed project that don't bear inspection and beggar belief.

Shaman3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago ) looked very unimaginative.I still remember their "cgi quality engine" that would enable them 60 fps at 1080p with cgi quality on 5 year old hardware and all that from people who never developed game before...year right!

xg-ei8ht3340d ago

I remember that shaman, never saw anything of it.

Shame would have loved to see some gameplay footage, or an early tech demo.

Fishy Fingers3340d ago

There's plenty of tech demo footage out there, just youtube it.

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