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deadreckoning6663961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Mmm..very impressive. I think overall(despite it being in pre-alpha with some slowdown and choppiness), they matched that 2005 trailer.

"It was a bit unpolished, but it was awesome"

Agree 100%. Imagine how good it'll look when it comes out in 10 months =D

@Alpha-Male- Imagine jungle gameplay...with CO-OP. Sick!

"Guys... why the hell trying to post first and just tried to find some negatives as always. The game video was fluid and I might be blind but I didnt notice that "chopiness" you "experts" are talking about."

Calm down friend. I never said I was any expert. The game looks INCREDIBLE man..possibly the best looking game I've ever seen next to GT5. So what if theres some choppiness..its expected. The game is one year away dude! I hope to see u online when the game comes out :)


-Alpha3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Was that pre-Alpha? I noticed the choppiness and some blurriness but that was on my TV. The trailer on looks a lot better and more polished.

I love the melee, the gameplay looks a lot tighter and faster-- the aerial gameplay from the jetpack was really cool too. I also think Sev looks better than in the first game. He went from looking like Cole from inFamous to looking like Chris Redfield from RE5. He has a more apparent and kick-ass moustache lol.

I like how, since they are in snow, they slip and slide in some places (look at around 1:05)

I notice that the melee has made the CQC much more fast paced. Note that they said this is a playstyle. You can choose between this and playing duck and cover style like in K2. And note that how you can duck to cover and then hop over in one swift movement.

Remember they said K3 was all about different terrains/variety or something-- I can't wait to see jungle gameplay, hopefully. I'm glad they are focusing on gameplay variety, this game is going to be a stud.

Rumor3961d ago

woooooooow!!!! and im sooo glad the jetpack gameplay is in first-person. this game is gonna teabag every shooter this gen! sony owns at the end with "it only does helghast & 3d shooters" XD

Cevapi883961d ago

was it just me or did anyone else get a flashback of UC2 with the opening sequence of Sev walking in the snowstorm

deafwing3961d ago

good to see that it's come this far and they still have time to polish that shoe to a spit-shine ... looking forward to it.

Bobbykotickrulesz3961d ago



chrisnick3961d ago

did anyone see how he shanked that hig in the eye?!?!?!? holy jeebus!


Montrealien3961d ago

yeah, that was one hell of a trailer. Picking it apart just kills it imho, enjoy this for what it is, a game looks absolutely gorgeous. Can't wait.

Chubear3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

View what First Person War Simulation is supposed to be, ONLY on the Playstation3 Entertainment System


STICKzophrenic3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Just started and finished Killzone 2 last week because of Killzone 3's announcement. It really is an amazingly fun game, and this looks to be even better.

It already looks like I'll be broke next year with so many great games coming (Killzone 3, inFamous 2, Dead Space 2, Ghost Recon Future Soldier to name a few).

It's a great time to be a gamer!

Sigh3961d ago

Just finished watching it on spike tv. Fucking fantastic, although, had its choppy
moments, but still amazing. Gotta
give props to Dead space 2, GT5, Socom 4 and Itagaki's thq game as well, all of em got me hyped.

-Alpha3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Stickz, I know!!

There are so many games I want but know I can't afford:

-iNFamous 2 (and #1!)



-I feel like even giving Resistanc3 a try at this point, though I'll likely hold off that game-- hopefully they can push the sequel like GG did

-The Last Guardian


-Socom 4

-Halo Reach

-Gears 3

Dude it's going to be a crazy year, I've got to enslave my summer towards making money for these games. Unbelievable.


that those awesome CQC movements and animations are missing from the trailer:

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PCnPS3Gamer3961d ago

awesome yeah i had a unchrated 2 feeling at the beginning too and yeah the neck snapping was so steven segal which is awesome.

Rainstorm813961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Kinda like how youve been playing WoW since 05 huh? or is it more crysis and half life 2?

Let us console users enjoy our variety and you go back to waiting for HL:EP3.

EDIT: At least you get The Old Republic.........*sigh*

bootsielon3961d ago

So much better than Killzone 2's gameplay. This is a huge leap from Killzone 2. Graphics were nice too, definitely better than KZ2 and it seems to have a much higher sense of scale. The water finally looks like it's being rendered real-time, as opposed to the majority of current-gen games which use techniques that make the water look nice from far away but inconsistent when interacting with it (see Resistance 2).

UltraNova3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

As much as I love KZ2 and GG this is not very much of an improvement graphics-wise. I know its alpha built...

I know for a fact that GT's compresion codec is crap. Their videos even in HD are jaggy heaven due to the immense compression they suffer.

This is the best you can get >>>>

And before some of you get a heart attack by what I've said I guess my trust and expectations from GG and Sony are as high as they can get! And I believe they will deliver as usual.

morganfell3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

@Plastics - thanks I thought I was off my rocker. The knife to the eye and the other to the back of the spine they showed on the reveal last night isn't in the Gametrailers version above.

The link by UltraNova above me has the complete trailer.

Kaneda3960d ago

It maybe flash video distorted video and not the game. download it and see..

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MerkinMax3961d ago

This game looks so cool. I can not wait for e3! All us gamers are in for a real treat!

Cevapi883961d ago

if you guys really want a good look at the video...go to the KZ site and D/L the video...the choppiness that some are commenting on is the site buffering the video....VLC + this video is wont be let down

RageAgainstTheMShine3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

Mommy look at the water and ice effects!

Sev is so unique he is hotter than ever! He has lots of character and nice hair too!

Love how those jump suits menacingly opened up ...reminds me of Batman.

I can watch this trailer all day! Its one of the best video game trailers ever made!

This has the potential to be UNTOUCHABL3!!!

Man I love my PS3!

IcarusOne3960d ago

I get that you guys are in love with Killzone simply for its beauty. I get that its the best FPS exclusive on PS3 and so you equate it to being the best FPS ever. And I get that no matter what it is, any PS3 exclusive is going to be awarded "best game ever!!!!" by the Sony masses.

But to me, this just looks like KZ2.5. Everyone that complained about MW2 not being a true sequel, the same rules seem to apply to this title. The expanded melee system looks fun, but it doesn't exactly reinvent the game. Or the wheel. And it really doesn't look much different from KZ2 (b-b-b-but it's alpha!!!)

Now, having said all this, expressing my opinion in a reasonable and mature manner, I am fully prepared to be labeled a troll or lose bubbles. Simply because I disagree with the loyalist masses. Because that's what happens in a sane and sensible world. People lose their shit over nothing.

Cevapi883960d ago

did you forget that the levels will be 10x larger than the ones in KZ3....the story will be revamped and you will actually see it develop in the way UC2 since GG has said that they got their inspiration from Naughty Dog and Santa Monica....there will be jet packs...and still no reveal of what new and crazy things they will do to the already awesome for MW2....whats new about the game...lets see...the SP takes place in America instead of the Mid East...same MP...correction Cod4 MP was great...MW2, the terrible lag and connection issues along with all the hacking going on...MW2 isnt even actually took so many steps back that CoD4 is the far superior game

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guitarded773961d ago

Those are wise words... this game is truly gonna be FUCKIN' EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mista T3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I AGREE!!!! But I know I'll get devoured because of what I'll say, I like the heavy feel and how its not twitchy gameplay, but I really hope they improved the input lag (where you do the movement on the analog stick and it does it a bit later) I just want that improved, a better since of control but keeping the heavy feel at the same time without it being twitchy.

ok, don't be harsh guys, just my opinion

@Alpha-Male22- totally agree with you, I think its showed areas where its improved plenty

-Alpha3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Mista T you are entitled to your opinion, and I agree with you on "input lag".

However, I didn't really mind it that much in K2, except in multiplayer where I felt it needed tuning. GG knows this and judging from this trailer the gameplay is much more responsive (I haven't played it, but that's what it looks like-- it just looks faster).

Just because it's more responsive doesn't mean it's going to be twitchy. The game can give a sense of weight and have good fluid controls too. Notice how you can crouch and hop over in one swift move in the trailer. In K2 you had to actually jump and it wasn't fluid jumping over things. This game looks a lot more intense when it comes to CQC gameplay and things like hopping over from cover are streamlined, which makes the game just feel smoother. I honestly liked K2 but had a list of flaws, and I know I'll get "eaten up" if I complain about K2, but I fully trust this game so, so much. I feel that K2 was all about nailing the graphics and meeting the expectations of the trailer. K3 puts aside the graphics because it's already nailed, slightly enhances it, but focuses completely on pushing the gameplay experience, and to me, that's the most important aspect

talltony3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Bfbc2 then it will be perfect. Those controls are very responsive while still maintaining that sense of weight. We already heard reports that the controls are much more responsive this time around so no worries people.

Also I bet you guys anything that they will still support the classic killzone 2 weight feel as an option.

Trust guerrilla, they know what they are doing. they are perfectionist and I cannot wait to play kz3!

Day one!

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Tony-A3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

I couldn't help but realize the way they were controlling the jetpack. It looked pretty quick when he was flying and shooting. Maybe that was a quick peek at how the controls have been improved.

Other than that, it was pretty cool. I'm liking the melee!

PS: Choppiness confirmed. I did see that in certain scenes. Mostly where they were shooting.

RatFuker3961d ago

cant say enough! just fuking shoot me.

Rumor3961d ago

in 2011

side effects of fucking rats: memory loss

BigBadBazza3961d ago

You men are easily impressed

MiloGarret3960d ago

Rumor: immature???

Come on, that was a great reply!

Anyway, looks great, will get.

D4RkNIKON3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I am extremely hyped for this damn game! Cover system looks great, the water.. gorgeous, I want to see how this looks in 3D so badly.

sixaxis3961d ago

so awesome, water is really so mind blowing. and main character movements, whole animation looks to be more accurate than before. i dont know how they pulled it off so early into development, but hands down KZ3 already is visually better than KZ2. imagine when it finally releases in 2011....drools.

APOFISBORICUA3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Because what I saw in the game show was pure KILLZONE awesomeness. And the ingame graphics look wayy better than almost anything presented...maybe SOCOM 4 pressented a treath to this graphically and they are not even close. Guys... why the hell trying to post first and just tried to find some negatives as always. The game video was fluid and I might be blind but I didnt notice that "chopiness" you "experts" are talking about.

Nice show... Valhalla's game was awesome too!!!!!!!

Peace and gaming!!!!!!

EDIT: Did any of you guys thougth that maybe, maybe they just "slow down" some of the shooting segments just for the people who wants to apreciate a good kill!! I dont know I saw a lots of KZ2 videos intentionally slowing down. But here you are judging a trailer for a game that is supposed to launch on 2011 and already looks wayy better than any FPS upcoming...You guys are a sad bunch.

In a side note Im still waiting to see my most anticypated game of E3 ...

rob60213961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

It seemed like most of the choppy stuff was removed for the version, the full version with the eye stab that was on the show showed a few parts with choppiness. The game is quite a ways from release, there's really no reason to worry about choppiness yet, it's an early build.

Imperator3961d ago

Wow....amazing... simply amazing.

morganfell3961d ago

When he slid feet first into that box in first person I about crapped myself. Fantastic.

Rhythmattic3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

I Didnt almost crap my pants, I did.

Oh dear, feet glorious feet...

raztad3961d ago

And to think this is just PRE-FUCKIN-ALPHA scares me. One more year to go only can mean=IT WILL LOOK EVEN BETTER.

TheHater3961d ago

Just look at Killzone 2 graphics 10 months before release compare to the final product. If they can get a just of even half of that would be EPIC

xTruthx3960d ago

I wonder how would the graphics would of looked if it wasn't 3d lol

TheJudgement3961d ago

Choppiness too when watching the vid but had nothing to do with it being in-game related can easily tell the difference most likely its just due to streaming high quality vid when Sony releases their E3 trailers on PSN after E3 100% sure there wont be choppiness in the vids. Or try dling the vid instead of streaming from GT.

spandexxking3961d ago

the textures look really good, just about everything looks a lot sharper!

ticklechamp3961d ago

As long as the quality is as good as Killzone 2, I'll be picking it up. If they tone Rico down a bit, that's even better.

MiloGarret3960d ago

If he dies in the first level, that's even better. I can't take another game having to listen to that dickhead.

Hey idea: now that most online fps games incorporate a mute button for obnoxious gamers, how about an in-game mute button for the campaign?

PLASTICA-MAN3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

that those awesome CQC movements and animations are missing from the trailer:

Another One3961d ago

Haha how did deadreckoning get so many disagrees by saying mostly complimentary things? He seems to be one of only a few who say good and bad things about games on both consoles.

BigBadBazza3961d ago ShowReplies(1)
Gago3961d ago

just hope they fix the sluggish and laggy controls

Sevir043961d ago

That looked AMAZING! it totally, even in it's early pre alpha footage that clearly showed choppiness, out classed KZ2. this game nailed KZ2's CGI trailer from E305 and My GOD the ICE! The Snow! the Jetpack, OMG!!!! everything about this game looked incredible. and the Melee was just down fright God smackingly amazing!!!!!

If KZ2 was War Perfected, then this is just WAR!! my gosh that was amazing... and it's still a long year off from release. the polish that will hit this game will be ZOMG!!!!

Mo0eY3961d ago Show
zeeshan3961d ago

That rough ocean water is I guess the best I have ever seen in a video game!

specialguest3961d ago

The graphics did not wowed me like how KZ2 wowed me about 2 years ago. I own KZ2 and still consider it a milestone in console game graphics. Anyway, I am sure KZ3 will be a better game overall than KZ2.

DatNJDom813960d ago

I remember how intense Killzone 2 was. I think this is going to intensify X10. Cant wait for this real shooter.

Danteh3960d ago

The trailer reminded me of Metal Gear with that music and... that place was Shadow Moses! :D

gta28003960d ago

All these 360 trolls must have really high blood pressure right now lol.

Ph1d0sX3960d ago

Hey deadreckoning666,
I downloaded the trailer from the killzone website and there's not choppiness here. Plus you can scrub frame by frame =)

BattleAxe3960d ago

This game looks freaking amazing.......screw Crysis.

8thnightvolley3960d ago

this is just epic... looking forward

Xfanboy3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

You tryed to be a Ps3fanboy!!! But the real fan boys (who oppose free will & personal thinking or opinion) Disagree !!!!lol

They are like Animals if they even look at a 360 they will eat thier own young!!! trust I have seen it!!!

The only new thing that appealed to me is the knife play yes!!!

Moo7a-Seven3960d ago (Edited 3960d ago )

This trailer reminds me Metal Gear Solid ! This is very impressive !!
& this is just the pre-Alpha version !!!

MNicholas3960d ago

Seems they want to take on Uncharted 2 directly with the opening scene. The character model isn't as quite detailed as Drake but the environment effects appear to be more advanced.

There two aspects of the visuals that disappointed me.

1) The lighting from the gun flare appears to not be full-range with blending but rather the simpler binary (on/off) like Gears of War. Need to see more uncompressed HD clips to be sure.

2) The polygon count of characters wearing the jet pack appear to be much lower than without. Probably a portion of their total polygon had to be reassigned to the jet pack. Inevitable but noticable.

Everything else appears to be the same level or upgraded compared to Killzone 2. Again, need more uncompressed clips to be sure.

One big upgrade appears to be environment polygon count. The ocean itself consumes a massive amount of animated polygons and textures. I'd worry about this game melting the Cell processor. Unbelievable graphics.

Their next trailer should be nothing but clips from first-person view. When it comes to ingame visuals, this FPS is clearly in a league of it's own.

hennessey863960d ago

ive got to say i wernt impressed by killzone 2 but this looks a whole lot better so much variety. the mele combat looked great cant wait fo this and gears 3 gona be amazin and i think ill have to buy a 3d tv aswell for this game

Inside_out3960d ago

That was pretty bad. I understand they have another year to work on it but something is very wrong. Even the pre-rendered stuff looks choppy.

I think all the 3D pushing ( lower res and frames ) as well as the talent drain ( Brink ) has had a negative effect on this game and the franchise. I like the melee attacks but you really need to swing the camera out to a TPS view to get the full effect otherwise why bother. Same for the jet packs. Very disappointing...

3960d ago
muDD3960d ago

For the following reasons:
1. fanbois hyped up this game soooo much, i was expecting to see some incredible shyt, but i didn't.

2. Character models and their clothing lack detail. I see much more character detail in the new call of duty BO.

3. I only saw 3 colors.

4. That did not look better than CRYSIS 2 "PERIOD"

I own a PS3, but I'm a realist, and not a delusional fanboi.

lve2playbball3960d ago

I was not a big fan of KZ2 (except for the visuals of course). But damnit those jetpacks and that level look awesome. I will have to give KZ3 a try.