PlayStation Beyond- Editorial: Do We Need 3D Now?

A PlayStation Beyond writer shares his thoughts on whether 3D is relevant, even with very few 3D TVs in people's homes.

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dizzleK3145d ago

so what if only a few people have it, if we waited for every luddite to jump on board we'd still be playing pong on b&w televisions and using vhs.

yess3145d ago

Yes we do...
It might be a sort of testing in this generation, but will be fully integrated in the next gen. and ready to kick ass..

Anything new and exsperimenting should be welcomme in gaming, you do not have to jump on the wagon, but stay back and see how far it get's..

Game on

TotalPS3Fanboy3145d ago

You may not need it right now, but that won't stop it from becoming the norm in the future.

Basically, all new HDTVs coming out are going to support 3D. Doesn't mean you have to buy it. Just means that 3D is going to be a standard and built into every HDTVs in the future. Just like color TVs back then. You didn't have to switch from black and white to color TVs. But that doesn't mean color TVs are going to disappear. Nope. Color was to be the norm from that moment on.

DelbertGrady3145d ago (Edited 3145d ago )

I don't "need" it, but it's a cool plus for the people that actually have or are thinking of buying 3DTVs.

I waited a while before getting a HDTV because as I've learned the first product cycle of new technology always starts of at a very high price and with average specs (just like LCD did). There doesn't seem to be a set standard either, some use glasses, some don't etc. Give it 1-2 years and they will not only be much cheaper but also much better.

Jdoki3144d ago

It doesn't seem like a lot of effort to patch games for 3D, or create games with 3D in mind. So why not have it now?

Sony used PS3 early adopters to drive down the price of Blu-Ray and pay for the R&D of the Cell and blue-laser tech. Why wouldn't they do the same for 3D! It makes sense!