David Jaffe: 'F*ck being nice'

CVG: God Of War creator David Jaffe has commented that "being nice" to fellow team members is not always the best approach during the high-pressure creation of a game.

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unrealgamer583063d ago

jaffe goes christian bale LOL

WE ARE DONE Professionally!!!

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Inside_out3063d ago

Jaffe needs to stop talking out loud...c'mon now...really..." Not being nice " never may get what you want now...BUT there will be consequences down the line...always is...must be hell to work with this weasel...looks like a weasel

Mista T3063d ago

that would suck lol. your trying to put a code together and you have someone yelling down your ear, it might make you mess up.

BYE3063d ago

If you're a girl, maybe, but as a professional, you take the information out of the yelling and don't mess up.

Nihilism3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Maybe for you little man, but real men don't just stand there when someone screams at them.


I agree, I was just making a point, ceekay is being ridiculous in suggesting that anyone should take abuse in their work.

There are 3 possible solutions to dealing an abusive boss

1. Quit
2. Punch them in the face.
3. Scream back, then follow steps 1 or 2, or 2 then 1.

But no-one should take abuse, and it certainly doesn't make you a professional by taking abuse, and I wouldn't consider a boss who screams at employees a professional either, anyone smart enough to be a successful business person must surely know that work place harassment will get their ass sued, in which case I can only assume that the boss doing the screaming is either an idiot or a middle class white collar minimum wage a$$hole, in the latter case the job would not be so highly skilled that you couldn't find a similar job the following day

Mr Logic3063d ago

Well unless you're the the owner of a private enterprise you're going to have to take orders from somebody in life so you better get used to it. If you think that your superiors are always going to stoop in order to please you then you are severely delusional.

boodybandit3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

Then I guess you and I disagree on the definition of a "real man"

A "real man" doesn't need to be physical or yell to get his point across. A real man will walk away from fights but more so walks away from arguing. What is the point of arguing? I never understood people that go at each other like rabbid dogs. It gets you know where other than venting (letting out your frustrations).

Edit: Oh I agree with quiting a job if you are in a finicial position to be able to do so. I quit a job years ago for having an Ahole as a boss when he went off on me once. I stood up and calmly said to him, "don't take your problems out on me because your wife finds you inadequate as a man". At the time though I could afford to leave a job. Today I would just get up and go to lunch or take a bathroom break.

I am my own boss now and an employee of one.
If I was to yell at my help? I would need therapy.

You must be a lot younger than me or in much better shape.
I stopped punching people in the face over 20 years ago.

FanboysWillHateMe3063d ago

There's a difference between taking orders and getting yelled at though. There's obviously a lack of respect if someone treats you like that.

And in my experience, managers and bosses can be great to work with. Either you really suck at your job or your boss is a d1ck.

TotalPS3Fanboy3063d ago

If you can't do your job properly, of course you gonna get yelled at. It has nothing to do with being a man.

tplarkin73063d ago

I was in the Navy where professionalism is the norm. It's real simple, and it has nothing to do with being mean or nice.

Never say, "Thank you.", or "I'm sorry." It's just "Yes Sir" or "No Sir".

If you say something out of turn, say, "As I was" and all is forgotten.

This should be taught in the regular world, but unfortunately, most people don't know this. They then think that being mean is being professional.

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Information Minister3063d ago

Could be worse. A lot worse. Someone could be throwing chairs around...

Bodster3063d ago

Ahhhh, those were the days of High School. My Geography teacher flipped one day and threw chairs at us all :)

Was very fun xD

Nihilism3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

All people take instructions from someone, such is the requirement of all members of society, but following instructions and smiling while a douchebag yells in your face are 2 very different things.

I never said "don't follow the rulezzz man!!!, Penywise rule!!!"

I said no one should accept being screamed at.

"You must be a lot younger than me or in much better shape. "

Haha, no, I wouldn't make a habbit of it, but i'm talking about the extreme end of the spectrum in regards to all time A-hole bosses, your average power tripping boss usually wouldn't warrant the effort, best way to even the field...they treat you badly, you do the worst/laziest job you can, even stephens...

Narutone663063d ago

p*ssed that someone leaked picture of his secret game on the internet.

noxeven3063d ago

If I was working for david jaffe and he was screaming Id be like alright %$#@ wad I will do that over night shift and it will be done for tomorrow next thing he know there be a whole secret level were main character kills a david jaffe boss and bypass hack so people I give a password to would get free dlc. Getting yelled at depending on what for but over all yelled at cause its going slow is bs. Id rather go slow and have no bugs then go fast and then have people complain about it later on and then have to patch a bunch of stuff rather then focusing on next game

Briefcase Joe3063d ago (Edited 3063d ago )

I put a link to David Jaffe's actual blog because I read the article from CVG, and all they are doing is quoting him.

itisa3063d ago

Doesn't the question goes 'Where do you need to link an article?'.A website that link the source or the actual source.I definitely remember that the answer is link it to the actual source.

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