Charlie Wiederhold: The Chair Story (revival)

Former Duke Nukem Forever designer, Charlie Wiederhold (currently at Infinity Ward) offers insight into DNF development with a story involving booth babes, CliffyB and a broken chair leg.

So that's why it took so long...

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Elven63182d ago

If this is true, Mark Rein and Cliffy B are gangsters!

Mike Wallace3182d ago (Edited 3182d ago )

THIS IS THE DRAMA THAT I WANNA HEAR ABOUT! It's like The Sopranos for gaming.

I wonder if Epic can sue for libel.

This is the greatest thing I've ever read on N4G.

Sell those movie rights right away!

Cajun Chicken3182d ago

Jesus Christ. Its like 'The Producers' and 'Reservoir Dogs'. God I feel like such an idiot and Cliffy B is a w**ker, I thought he was a w**ker already, but if this is true, that pretty much justifies it. Damn conspiracy, I feel so betrayed.

RainOfTerror3182d ago

The story is fictional, he admitted to it already ..

Quite a funny read though :)

Jockamo3182d ago

...most of me wanted to believe it was true.

Where did he admit it? Link?

orion4563182d ago

I bet after the story came out, Charlie woke up the next morning with a horse's head next to him in the bed. And thats why he's suddenly said it's fictional.