God of War 2005 Was Originally Conceived For a First-Person Viewpoint According to Creator

Game director David Jaffe reveals that the original God of War 2005 was considered for a first-person viewpoint.

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darthv7264d ago

Im very glad it did not end up that way. In first person you would lose the scale the game has. That is something i really appreciate about the GoW games is the immense size and scale of the environments and how the camera zooms out to show it in a much grander view.

CobraKai64d ago

Those epic set pieces would have gone unnoticed

TallDarknWavy64d ago

In GOW3 they did an homage to the fact it was supposed to be an FPS by putting you in first person right at the end, swinging your blades and bashing Zeus' face till the screen completely goes red.

roadkillers64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

One of the unlockables in the original God of War was a first person representation of God of War. A consideration for a spin-off/sequel was presented as a FPS in modern times. The military finds the dead Titan (Chronos I believe) and goes into the mountains where Kratos found Pandora's Box. Very interesting idea and gave me Clive Barker Jericho vibes.

Npugz764d ago

Barf I wouldn’t of played it!

NotanotherReboot64d ago

would love an arena based moba FPS in the GOW universe

camel_toad64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

Don't leave out a deck-building system and Kratos' fetch quests. "Make love to 12 different harpies".

goldwyncq64d ago

Maybe the Egyptian era for the PS6 would switch to first-person just to keep things fresh

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