3 Reasons Why Super Mario Galaxy 2 Doesn't Deserve 10s

Here are 3 things in Mario Galaxy 2 that reviewers should be ashamed to see Nintendo do, and even more ashamed to have overlooked.

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SpoonyRedMage5167d ago ShowReplies(7)
GUCommander5167d ago

While I think you're whining in this article...I do agree that it really doesn't deserve 10's. These reviews were clearly bought.

badz1495167d ago (Edited 5167d ago )

but there are clearly free passes everywhere, it's ANNOYING!

but he said "hard-nosed reviewers like IGN" - WTF? IGN gives 9 & 10 like candy!

nintenflo5166d ago

@ GUCommander - Have you even played the game?
and while im at it...Have any of you commenting on this article played the game? No probably not!!

I personally hav'nt played it yet ( i live in the U.K ), but if its anything like the first games standard then a 10 is probably justified.

Nike5167d ago

Eh. Yeah, he's nit-picking but at least he gives some definite reasoning (no matter how whiny) and examples to back up his points.

Doesn't change the fact that many, many other people love the game. Has any one seen the Throwback Galaxy? That and LBP2's debut trailer made me shed a tear. :)

tunaks15167d ago (Edited 5167d ago )

because you're but hurt

Nike5167d ago

Lol. Come now. That's just mean. He DID say 3 reasons. ;)