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TechRaptor writes, "Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves is the first Fatal Fury game from SNK in over two decades. We got to play an early version of it, and it's definitely worth getting excited about."

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Tzuno36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

They got the series in a low state, the new graphical style sucks
Neo Geo looks better



Enter the demon: Vox Reaper. This street assassin is dispatched to hunt down and eliminate Kain R. Heinlein—and though the attempt is thwarted, he emerges from the encounter hardly worse for wear. Kain’s bodyguard Grant, having realized the youth’s talent and potential, decides to take him under his wing thereafter. Afforded a new lease on life, and intent on fulfilling his dying master’s wishes (not to mention Kain’s own grandiose ambitions), Vox stalks the bloody battleground that is South Town—a demon reborn.



Captain of the Lilien Knights, a crew of virtuous pirates. With Kain and Grant weighing on her mind during and after the events of the previous tournament, she makes an altogether uncharacteristic decision: to stay in South Town, if not for a short while. Strangely unable to express her lingering thoughts in words, she sees the upcoming KOF tournament as a true blessing in disguise: finally, a chance to vent her frustrations to both men face-to-face!

anast45d ago

The physics aren't great in this one.

helicoptergirl45d ago

0.30 she hits him with her ass lol

RiseNShine45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

love SNK, they don't give a damn, they just make the game their fans want, and now thankfully with good netcode too. The good thing is that her moveset looks close to KOF XV, so training with her on KOF XV can get you prepared for FF COTW, just like with Terry Bogard.


FATAL FURY: CotW |Announcement Trailer #2

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