It's A Bummer Super Mario Galaxy 2 Isn't Coming To The Switch

A big improvement on the original, Super Mario Galaxy 2 deserves better than to be left in the past.

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anonymousfan452d ago

Totally agree... I expect Nintendo to release it separately on the eshop eventually but it's a real shame they couldnt bundle it... I personally dont care for Mario Sunshine and Mario 64 looks like crap. I would have gladly paid 60 $ for a Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 HD bundle.

FyBy452d ago

Exactly what I wanted. Galaxy 1&2 bundle even for 60usd. I would gladly pay for it.

anonymousfan452d ago

The chance of that happening now are pretty close to nil sadly...

Immagaiden452d ago

I just had a feeling Nintendo would find a way to screw up this collection

Not including Super Mario 3D Land is also a bummer

CrimsonWing69452d ago

Yes, yes it is.

You know what’s weird? The original Mario All-Stars included Mario Bros. 1-3 and the lost levels, there was even an All-Stars version that came with Mario World included so basically you had every Mario game in a single package.

It’s incredible how different Nintendo has become.

anonymousfan452d ago (Edited 452d ago )

They also did a whole revamp of the colour palette vs visually the 3D collection looks fine... Except Mario 64 which looks terrible especially compared to less expensive remasters of Crash and Spyro expertly remade.