Super Mario 3D All-Stars Has Galaxy 2 Music, But Not the Game

Super Mario 3D All-Stars disappointed many fans by excluding Super Mario Galaxy 2, but strangely enough the game's music is available.

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eagle21272d ago

Might eventually be DLC for those who own the game (I'm assuming). :)

PhoenixUp272d ago

DLC for a game with limited shelf life?

Yeah keep dreaming

eagle21272d ago

I said might..and if it comes it's not like you will tell me I was right......just like my FAILED submission over 170 days ago about Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy coming to

NotoriousWhiz272d ago

Makes absolutely no sense, so that's probably exactly what Nintendo will do.

Mr Marvel272d ago

With Sony blowing us away with PS5 content and information, now is not the time for Nintendo to be.... Nintendo.