Mass Effect: The Most Epic RPG Yet?

BioWare plans on taking gamers on an epic RPG adventure to a brand new sci-fi universe in a far off time. The only problem is, does anybody really know when this game is coming out?

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THAMMER15428d ago

I wonder if people will compare it to Oblivion?

M1am1U5428d ago

the comparisons are inevitable. The two aren't even in the same league, IMO. I played the heck out of Oblivion, and I think it's a stellar game. However, I think Mass Effect is going blow it out of the water. I can't wait.

i Shank u5428d ago

dont really see how this game will be compared to oblivion, but if it is Mass Effect will stomp it. This game looks like KOTOR on super-roids; just my opinion but I dont think any game is going to touch Mass Effect's single player, not Halo, MGS4, nothing has this "travel a huge galaxy and save the milky way" type thing.

MK_Red5428d ago

One of the greates things about Mass Effect is that its a truly original world created by BioWare. The made games in Forgotten Realms, Star Wars universe and while Jade Empire was original, it was based on easter cultures but ME is BioWare's own epic galactic adventure. Cant wait to play this. I hope its as deep as KOTOR or even better.

Cupid-Stunt5428d ago

Mass effect really gives you that feel of the story, the graphics look amazing and the combat system looks fresh. I cant wait, and its only on 360.... Hell yer.

QUNE5428d ago

I never did play Oblivion, but this is the reason why I think I can't pass this game up. I'm really looking forward to it

Dr Pepper5428d ago

It could be the most epic game of any genre, not just RPGs. From what I've seen so far, it looks like it could be one of the greatest games of all time (both graphics and gameplay look amazing).

felidae5428d ago

i really hope it's not only reading/talking

razer5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

@5.1 - And that is an early build of the game there. From everyone that saw it at E3, they are saying it's got a whole new polish on it and the lip syncing is dead perfect. Also, Commander Shepard has gone thru a bit of a make-over, not huge but looks even better.

@5 - The game is being described as an RPG/Choose your Own Adventure/3rd person shooter. KOTOR on steroids indeed!

PS: MS announced that the game WILL be out in November of 07 which BioWare said again in a later interview(OXM) that the game is finished and they are just working on polish and framerate. They still have 4 month to polish and improve so it's going to be one nice running game.

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