Halo: Reach vehicle leaked in screens

The Lost Gamer writes:

It seems that this week has become a frenzy of excitement regarding Bungie's latest title within the acclaimed Halo universe, Halo: Reach. The retail SKU's have been unveiled, ViDoc #2 has been released and a whole host of screenshots have served to wet our appetite ahead of the Beta – so, anything more? In short, yes.

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Michael-Jackson3735d ago

Those screens look bad, well it was expected.

TheXgamerLive3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

give it a rest wannabe and move on.

Calm Down Sunshine3735d ago

Oh look, it's a generic space buggy.

Christopher3735d ago

Yeah. Kind of always wondered why all these 'future' games rely on buggies and haven't evolved enough with their vehicles like they have with jet packs, weapons, and the such.

Another One3735d ago

Or it could just be the new Mongoose. You might know that if you ever played Halo.

Christopher3735d ago

Mongoose really = generic space buggy here. Oversized off-road wheels w/buggy-frame design on a combat vehicle. Calling it Mongoose doesn't detract from what it looks and plays as.

Christopher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Okay, so looked up Mongoose... and OMG! It's a freaking ATV, which is a diet dune buggy...

You've got advanced weaponry, jetpacks, weird energy blades, and more cool technology and your vehicles are still ATVs (aka Mongooses) and Dune Buggies (aka Warthogs)?

I just think in a futuristic setting where everything has advanced and people are being dropped from the sky in pods to do battle with alien forces... there might be some advancements in the vehicles as well, no?

Note: This isn't about gameplay, this is about overall design and concept of the game itself. I think it works if it's heavily done, kind of like Serenity and the blending of Western gunfighting and futuristic space travel. But, the vehicles are kind of the only things that have failed to progress in the game it seems.

Also Note: Now, the Banshee, Wraith and Brute Chopper? That's more in-line with the whole concept.

catguykyou3735d ago

The covenent *the advanced alien race you fight* are the only ones with the advanced tech that you speak of. Human kind at that point still rely on standard tech *although more advance*. Gas, nuclear power,bullets, etc etc. The spartan program uses tech that we captured from the covenent and reverse engineered with improvements. The covenent found the tech they use. They are relics left by an ancient race called the forerunners. They worship the tech and only go as far as to learn how to use it, not make it. Because we go as far as to learn how to make it and modify it, we are considered heretics and deserve to die. Hope that gives you possible reason for why we are still using things with tires instead of hover bikes and stuff.

STICKzophrenic3735d ago

Thank you.

People love to blindly hate Halo for no reason. If you played Halo and knew anything about it (blind haters), you would know the Covenant have all of the futuristic weapons, vehicles and aircraft.

But let me guess, it's just a plane with a crazy look to it right?


That's just a self propelled unicycle with a frame for a rider!

That's just a hovercraft with turbos!

Please guys, if you've never played Halo, and know nothing about it, don't comment and make yourself look like a blind hater.

Mattey3735d ago

Its an ATV fool, and its called a mongoose in halo 3 and clearly its in reach as well.

Christopher3735d ago

Where have I hated anything, let alone blindly? Check out my post history, I praise Halo for what I think it does well. This is just an item that rubs me wrong.

Regardless of the reasoning, the game takes place centuries ahead of our own. With technology in development now that's more advanced than the usual conventional weapons, I just kind of expect to see more.

Thanks for the explanation, though!

Hotel_Moscow3735d ago

oh snap stick i thought that banshee was from combat evolved pc edition then i looked at the tag and it was halo 3 but everything else looks good

Halo3 MLG Pro3735d ago

Oh look, you have a bunch of jealous sony fanboys.

Dorwrath3735d ago

What are you on?????

Reach is before Halo CE, Halo 2 & Halo 3.

If Reach was after Halo 3 by quite a few years your argument would hold weight.

ZombieNinjaPanda3735d ago

Hate the mongoose. Not quick enough for such weak armor it has. Constantly being blown off that thing.

swice3735d ago

If you actually play Halo 3 and learn how to use the Mongoose, you will get better at driving it and realize how much fun and how useful it really is. I am thoroughly pleased to see an updated version of it in Reach. Thoroughly.

BYE3734d ago

So far this game doesn't look special on a technical level but it looks fun, which is more important.

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skillednutter3735d ago

Oh no now everyone knows it has buggies. Some other game will now copy this idea!

We are all doomed!

catguykyou3735d ago

Mongoose has been in there since Halo 3 *officially. They tried to implement the mongoose as far back as Halo 1. They never got it balanced and released with the game until Halo 3.

yoghurt3735d ago

the graphics look pretty weak in them shots? maybe its just because they are in motion

edgeofblade3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

It's called motion blur. It's in other games, like Killzone 2.

Below: So, to you, pointing out the truth is desperately defending and ignoring the obvious is... doing... what exactly?

Disagrees: What? Really? There is nothing to disagree with here. There is no opinion, only fact. Me: "Master Chief is green." You: "GWAR! HALO! DISAGREEEEE"

DirtyLary3735d ago

lol edgeofblade

Defend HALO to the death.

Christopher3735d ago (Edited 3735d ago )

Not too sure about that edgeofblade. The player screenshots we've seen didn't have motion blur effects that resulted in this level of detail loss. Looking at these screens compared to others, you can tell there's a general loss of detail as a whole.

All I know is I want the detail we've seen in the other screenshots to remain in all aspects of the game, including vehicle combat/driving.

@below: possibly, but I hope the end result isn't as such. The detail they've brought to the characters, textures, and world should be the same no matter what you do. Would hate to see the need for degrading just because you're moving a bit faster.

Alcon Caper3735d ago

maybe the motion blur only happens when you're barreling in a car..i dunno

Daz3735d ago

Maybe its becuase a screenshot was tacking while the game was moving .

catguykyou3735d ago

It's also multiplayer. Normally the graphics are dumbed downed slightly in multiplayer to compensate for the greater amount of chaos that goes on. You see similar things when coop is done on the same console instead of online.

swice3735d ago

OMG who CAREEES if the textures aren't as good?! This game will still be polished in the coming months. For those that still don't seem to understand: THE BETA IS AN UNFINISHED PRODUCT. End caps. All of this bickering is becoming foolhardy

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