Bungie Is Cooking Something Big For E3

Bungie's Marcus Lehto commented on his Halo: Reach blog that they finally solved some big E3 plans that they have been cooking for a while now. Bungie is really excited and can't hardly wait for us to tune in for what the have to show at E3 this year.

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Kingdom Come3107d ago

I genuinly can not wait for E3 this year.

SpaceSquirrel3107d ago

Probably single-player blowout?

SixZeroFour3107d ago

HALO 4!!!!! lol, just kidding

SpaceSquirrel and movements have already mentioned the 2 obvious guesses...i would think its either a teaser trailer for a new IP they have been said to have been working on, or a demo of the first level of reach

jammy_703107d ago

It's only sandwiches and chips........

Red_Orange_Juice3107d ago

Bungie is independent.
If its not Halo its multiplatform.

u got owned3107d ago

They always say the same thing and I'm still not impressed by anything they have show of the game.

Halochampian3107d ago

Or.. they could just go back to being Mac developers.

van-essa3107d ago

Bungie may be "indepent", but Microsoft has the right to pick up any of their projects. In others words, unless Microsoft thinks the game sucks, you won't see it anywhere other than the X360, PC maybe.

Bnet3433107d ago

Just because Bungie is independent doesn't mean they will make a multiplatform game. They are to Microsoft what Naughty Dog and Insomniac are to Sony. If you're really praying for a multiplatform Bungie game (not PC) I'd calm down if I were you. Bungie knows where they're fanbase is and I don't think Microsoft would allow Bungie to make a PS3 game.

van-essa3107d ago

Sony owns Naughty Dog. Insomniac is like Quantic Dream, they just have contracts with Sony at the moment...

Bnet3433107d ago

Van-essa, you are right. Sorry, Naughty Dog is owned by Sony. But you guys get my point with Insomniac and Sony --> Bungie and Microsoft.

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movements3107d ago

A new game reveal would surprise the whole world!

Stuart57563107d ago

A new IP yes, enough Halo in the works.

BeaArthur3107d ago

I doubt they would announce another game so close to the release of Halo: Reach. They wouldn't want to take any attention away from that title.

Gamer7l3107d ago

...and then MS botched the whole deal for them. Hopefully they're both on the same page this year. :o

siyrobbo3107d ago

what did they botch last ear? they showed off ODST and announced REACH during E3. AMybe you mean e3 08 when MS left out the RECON (ODST) announcement?

Gamer7l3107d ago

Yeah, that was ' bad. Time flies, when you're having fun playing games. :p

Foxgod3107d ago

If you give me 50 bucks, il take your ps3.

The Maxx3107d ago

"If you give me 50 bucks, il take your ps3."

That made me laugh. =)

ATLGAMER3107d ago

Made one arguably good game series....(halo),,,I just cant count them up there with the big dogs

Aphe3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

They made Marathon, that was a great series as well as far as I know. It was the only game that ever made me want a Mac anyway.

dragonelite3107d ago

You must be a new comer in the game world Bungie made a lot of good franchises. Oni,Myth,marathon and halo some really old game.
I have to say most of them are even before i jumped into gaming.

Aphe3107d ago

Oh yeah, Oni as well. I loved that game, didn't realise Bungie made it though, was quite a while ago.

Sh3d0w3107d ago (Edited 3107d ago )

Oni 2 would be great ^^

BeaArthur3107d ago

ATLGAMER...who would you consider the big dogs to be?

Hank Hill3107d ago

Bungie has had other good games but Halo has been a major financial success for them so the other games have become overshadowed and forgotten about due to Halo.

mcgrawgamer3107d ago

atlgamer MUST have started really gaming during the ps2 era if he thinks bungie only made the halo series, they are one of the few devs where every game they have created in some shape or form has been a critical or commercial success.

LOL he probably also thinks Guerrilla games got their start on the playstation brand without doing any homework to know they didn't even start out with the guerrilla name and their first game shellshock nam:67 was a pc,xbox, and ps2 franchise "gasp!"

SixZeroFour3107d ago

cant really take him serious guys...he made that account like a month for what he said, i wouldnt be too surprised if started gaming during this gen and only researched back about last gen lol...hell i gamed since snes/genisis days, but only really started gaming during n64, but i do do my research

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