PlayStation Squad: God of War III Review

"When the final blow has been dealt, God of War III certainly lives up to expectations. Fans of the series will be relieved that Kratos' finale is superb throughout it's 9-10 hour playtime, and that the hype has been largely realised. Bar a few camera issues, God of War III's formula is still the most satisfying, as every breaking bone and tearing of flesh can be felt through the screen. Santa Monica Studios have refined the series to create a finale worth caring about, even though they never overcomplicate the original formula too much. In a year that's seen the rise of Bayonetta as the extravagant heroine of the hack 'n slash world, it's with great pleasure that Kratos firmly retains his throne as the king of everything bloody, brutal, and deliciously violent."

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dachiefsman3141d ago

I just beat the game, and I agree so maybe it isn't crap. The game is epic and you do some over the top things, but there are aspects of the game that don't make it perfect.

Maybe I was expecting to much but it was over way to fast for me.