God of War III - A Turning Point for the Franchise

God of War III made its debut more than 10 years ago, and lives as the last title in the original lineage before 2018's soft-reboot.

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FallenAngel198476d ago

Last game as in chronologically or last game to be released before God of War 4?

chicken_in_the_corn76d ago

Chronologically. A prequel followed it in 2013.

chicken_in_the_corn76d ago

Still the best game in the series imo

Fishy Fingers76d ago

Arrived late to the party and GOW3 was the first I played. Went back and have now played them all. Still, 3 is my favourite largely thanks to the scale and boss fights.

jBlakeeper76d ago

GOW 3 is still the peak of GOW boss battles.

TheEnigma31376d ago

I didn't like 3 as much as 2

Dawknight31675d ago

2 and 3 are still the best. Ragnarok was competing with them at one point but there is an element that kind of ruins it for me without spoiling it. Still a solid game.