New info. on Resistance: Fall of Man

The official magazine PlayStation Magazine reveals some new elements on Resistance: Fall of Man. Some are known, others are not. Here is a summary of this article.

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HyperBear5403d ago

Its good to know that some people are reading stuff off of our site and putting it on N4G. See I work for ps3.newt and I was the one who posted this article. Our goal was to put all new PS3 news on here, and then get more people to come to to look at news and forums. but your the 1st person to post our news, without one of us doing it. So on behalf of everyone at, we say thank you, and keep it locked at for more PS3 news as we get closer to Nov. 17. For the rest of you, esp. hardcore Sony and PS3 Fanboys, you should all come to for more info. on PS3.
Thanks, Jason oo HyperBear

keeshee5401d ago

is it just me or does this game look sort of boring. The game looks decent but from what iv seen lacks intrege. iv seem no destructable enviroments,lame explosions, poor coverage spots inside the buildings, the glass shattering looks mediocer, it has great potential to be a good game but needs a serious face lift before launch mabe im expecting too much from these next gen cousles but come on. the grafics are better but they seem to take a step back on the actual have the power now ...use it!!! and where the fu#k is killzone damn it!!!

OutpostCommand5401d ago

Boo !!
My TV is 1080 !
Booo !!

E Man5400d ago

I thought PS3 games were supposed to blaze at 120 fps on two 1080p TVs. 30 frames per second doesn't sound like a quantum leap in technology. But that is just me.

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