PS3 Release Date Announced For Dragon Age: Return To Ostagar DLC

Well, better later than never. Today BioWare revealed the PS3 release date for Return to Ostagar, a downloadable content pack for Dragon Age: Origins.

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Umbrella Corp4066d ago

About time just hurry it up Im cracking out I need this...

EvilCackle4066d ago

Unfortunately, I've heard it's a bit short. Maybe it'll tide you over until Awakening, though.

AKNAA4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I bought it(ps3) thinking that it was good with all the positive reviews and all and OMG! WTF! it's maybe because I'm a graphics wh0re or something but my first couple hrs. of playing this game was a struggle man!! the sh1t frame rate drops and graphics were just making my eyes bleed.... I was lucky enough to trade it for AC2 a few days later.

FF13 makes this game look like a ps2 title. but if who ever company made this game could of... and should of made the PS3 version more on par with the pc version visually at least!! I'm sure they were capable of doing it, but no... gotta stay close to the 360 counterpart and look like sh1t rite?!