Forza 3's Nurburgring GP Tracks Review Finally in – Worth It – Or Not – NOT!


"I could be like many 'fanboys' and agree that the tracks are terrific just to be in the game. Or I could say heaps of great things about the developers Turn 10 for adding the 2 best tracks in the world, that were in the last game by the way, into their new game.

But I'm not a fanboy, and I'm not one to praise something that does not deliver what the end user wants, and needs to in order to deliver a satisfactory result."

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BadCircuit3659d ago

I don't really see the value of getting tracks that don't really seem to have good scenery. I am not going to get the tracks.

XboxOZ3603659d ago

When you're 'racing' you're certainly not looking at the scenery mate lol. . and while some might think that boring, or boring to go around the same track, i suppose that makes the difference between a racer and one who is not. Real racers in the real-world know every track they drive on right down the the last kink or broken edge of every meter of the circuits they race on.

They certainly are not there to stop halfway through the race and have a picnic or drop into a store and buy something hehehehe.

Besides, any good racer will only be racing with the in-car-view anyhow, and you don't get to see the scenery at all, just the track in front of you, and the tail end of the guy beating you, or the clear road ahead if you are in front. Which is where any racer would prefer it be . .well . . most racers would anyway heheheheh

BUt I'm sure you get my drift.

Forza 3 is a racing game at its heart, not a arcade street racer . . so there is a huge difference . . which is why there are games like Drive, GTA IV, NFS Series etc etc. They give the gamer the best of both worlds, but in a much more relaxed and playful manner than a game designed for all-out-racing.

ryuzu3659d ago

Certainly seems weird to put in a track you can only race 2 laps of and with only 8 cars....

Guess there's some technical limit in the 360 that means it has to be this way since I can think of no logical racing reason to do that.

Why is it taking so long to get a decent racing sim out this generation? Why so many limitations, poor graphics, poor physics, stupid mp limits.

Doesn't look like any real challenge to PC racing until GT5 at the earliest. On the bright side, at least my wheel doesn't have to move from my PC lol.


XboxOZ3603659d ago

Technically the track feels great, as do the cars when you get them on it, and handle very well for each class, but there's no way to really judge it give that there's really only one flying lap to do any real racing on.

Not sure if you have played the game yet, but I can vouch for the fact that if you're serious about your racing, be it circuit or drift or drag, thegame delivers.

No, it's NOT a full sim, but it's a bloody good second place, and every car in the game has its own, unique characteristics, changes with every little mod you may do to it, for the better, or the worse. SO that in its self is what a sim is about.

Having the ability to tweak and fine tune your ride to get better and faster laps and get yourself up the leaderboard.

The game is a long way from such games as NFS series and similar games in that genre. And with no fixed date for GT5, you might be waiting a long long time before you can use that wheel mate hehehe (jk btw)

Greywulf3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

as much as you want without being limited to 2 laps? Or online is limited to 2 laps?

3658d ago
boodybandit3658d ago

that allow 2 laps for hotlaps and quick races only?
What a shame and a waste. No online or season use = no purchase for me and that's a damn shame because I have been hoping for DLC for F3.

Thanks for the heads up oxcgn because I might have purchased it sight unseen if I saw it on the market place.

XboxOZ3603658d ago

Love the clever icon/avatar image mate.

Well youcan use the tracks for online, and have any number of laps, but it can only be online . . .the whole point of forza 2/3 is not just online multiplayer, it's about racers beating others times and working their way up leaderboards. This is not achieved in online races where you have to deal with traffic etc. You need numerious laps to slowly chip down the times as you learn to cut the corner without going off the track and uncertifying the lap time.

SO supplying 2 tracks, that don't even have them in reverse, which they did in Forza 2 btw, and only having 2 laps available, is basically a money grabbing exercise.

For something as simple as 2 tracks for MP use only, they should have been FREE. As no real work went into the tracks other than the actual creation of them, and they already had all the assets (specifications, track details, contours etc etc ) from Forza 2's track, which were excellent as well.

I might love the game (or any game) but if it does not deliver what it should do with DLC, there's no way I'll say the opposite, simply out of loyalty. That does NOT serve those that come to the site to get 'honest' reporting and reviews.

That would show a lack of integrity on our part.

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Bnet3433659d ago

Seems kind of weird to review a track. I don't buy Forza 3 DLC anyway.

Immortal Kaim3659d ago

Yeah, I guess it can save us from wasting money though ;)

XboxOZ3603659d ago

It's the same as reviewing the cars that race on the tracks mate.

WIthout tracks, we have no races. If the tracks are not good reproductions of the original ones, then the game is of no value to any racer.

The other DLC's have been great, supplying 30 cars so far, including the launch pack which also had several 'additional' tracks.

These tracks were then included into the game alongside the other 90 tracks, giving the game a total of 100 tracks made up of various configurations and variants of different circuits.

To a racer, you want to know if the tracks you'll be racing on have any quirks or anomalies that will either assist you, or hinder you when seeking that perfect lap.

You also want to know how various cars go on these tracks, Are they true to the R1 and R2 class cars that would normally race on the tracks etc etc.

So yes, there is value in reviewing tracks, but one needs to do more than TWO laps in order to judge any car on these tracks.

gaminoz3659d ago

I kind of wish more DLC is reviewed so we know if it is worth it or not, be it tracks or extra levels in other games.

Bnet3433659d ago

Well I can understand a DLC like for example Ballad of Gay Tony or Fallout 3 DLC. I just thought a track was weird to review. Not saying it's wrong. :/

Leathersoup3658d ago

I'm glad someone's reviewing DLC period. I've seen too many devs pushing out crap akin to Bethesda's original horse armor. Bethesda learned from the incident and the DLC they've been putting out since is frankly astounding.
I'd like to see more DLC reviewed so that I can keep my money for the DLC that deserves some play.

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Strikepackage Bravo3659d ago

to you guys saying I dont buy tracks and why review a track, do us a favor and go play need for speed or burnout.

Im glad they put up this review cuz I was trying to decide on whether to pick this up or not. I won't be. Save my points for new cars in the future.

XboxOZ3603659d ago

Yep, definitely save your points mate, I just got the PR blurb on the pack this morning, and I love the little bit where it goes on about how you can take advantage of your skill and the track and win the checkered flag. How can you do that in 2 laps, when one of those laps is a standing start anyway.

"Demanding technical precision while offering tremendous opportunities for overtaking rival cars, the “Nürburgring Grand Prix Circuit Track Pack” will show who has the determination and skills to grab the checkered flag."

It just makes you wonder why they even bothered. Especially when you consider that the Launch Pack include about 10 tracks, which were then built into the overall gameplay. But what happened to these two - - they feel like orphans locked outside on a cold night out in the rain . . .

Dutch Boogie3659d ago

lol. man this game is a turd.

XboxOZ3603659d ago

Like you've played it - not (probably not) ..The game is great, this DLC is not . . simple as that.

Droid Smasha3658d ago

now we are grading dlc? have the haters stooped this low?

Belgavion3659d ago

What do you think would have been a better price for the tracks then? 200 points maybe?

XboxOZ3603659d ago

basically, fo rwhat it is, it would have suited them better as a PR thing to simply add the tracks as a Free DLC as some developers do for smaller items that are only of use to a limited number of end users.

If it was an major item that was then enabled into any of the SP sections, then yes, the 400 points would or could be justified.

But for what it is, I'd have expected it to be a Free DLC . . .Especially considering that at launch, they gave around 10 tracks away . . .

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