3 Million People Play Forza Every Month. Are You One of Them?

Last week, when Microsoft announced the Forza Racing Championship, people were so hyped that they overlooked some interesting and quite amazing facts revealed, number wise, about the Forza online community. When it comes to numbers, people usually only look at sales. Microsoft has revealed the fact that more than 3 million virtual racers play one …

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Goldby1455d ago

every minute of the day, at least 70 people are playing, very impressive

christocolus1455d ago

“We have more than 11 million people who have played a Forza game on Xbox One, which creates a massive pool of data from which Drivatars have evolved. Players can expect more nuanced and surprising Drivatar behavior than ever before.”..........Ralph Fulton


Overload1454d ago

That information has been out for a while.

PhilSpincer1454d ago

Not sure why you have disagrees. The date on that is June 11

ocelot071454d ago

I played Forza Apex on PC. Decent for a free to play game. Ill be getting Horizon 3 for PC most definitely.

star_lancer1454d ago

What about FH2 & Forza 6? There's plenty of Forza to play now while you wait for FH3.

ocelot071454d ago

Played Forza Horizon 2 when I had a Xbox. I no longer have a XB1 only a PS4/PC. But am happy I get to play the latest Forza titles starting with FH3.

--bienio--1454d ago

Same. I really enjoy forza apex on Pc, to be honest it's my first forza So yes aim definitely getting Horizon 3 day one.

BigGamersSmallTalk1454d ago

Heck yea! I own every Forza game. Already pre-ordered Horizon 3!

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The story is too old to be commented.