History of Video Games: Prelude to the Fall (2009-2010)

VGChartz's Taneli Palola: "At the start of 2009 the Wii was far and away the most successful home console on the market. On the other end of the scale the PS3 was still in the process of gaining momentum, while the Xbox 360 was sitting quite comfortably in the middle of the pack; neither threatening the Wii nor at risk of being overtaken by the PS3 anytime soon. As far as the handheld market went, the DS had become an absolute monster, while the PSP was proving a more modest success.

The industry as a whole was riding the wave of one of its most successful year's ever, but replicating that success wouldn't be easy. As it turned out, 2009 would prove to be yet another massive year for video games, with numerous huge releases pushing the sales of every single platform available at the time. However, it would also be the year when some of the aforementioned systems began to show signs of weakness - with both sales and general interest in them declining - while others continued to push forwards."

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