MAG, PerezStart Review

PerezStart writes: ...My gripes with the game are primarily the lack of a second (or third) faction to choose. For example, I ended up joining the S.V.E.R. network but found out I had some friends who were part of Raven. I can see why Zipper Interactive decided to make this choice static instead of dynamic but the lack of "change" has many people crying out. If you did want to take the plunge and join one of the other two remaining PMCs, you'll have to delete your character and rejoin… and start all over. No perks, no rankings. A Private! There's also maintenance times that will prevent you from playing. While the times are short, MAG being solely an online multiplayer game you're forced to play something else. The down times for the MAG servers are typically 4:00 am eastern time – 6:00 am eastern time.

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Shendow3267d ago

No ranks an no perks, sorry last I check this game isn't MW2 and doesn't come with the same number of problems.

I understand not wanting to delete your character from your flavor PMC, but its base on trophies. So you have to level or it would be to easy to get alot of the trophies.

I'm very happy with this game.

ChozenWoan3267d ago

Nothing as I've seen 10th prestige generals get it handed to them. Then again MAG does have ranks which are private, Squad Leader, Officer In Charge. While they are not permanent positions, they are permanent ranks you have to earn to unlock. From what I've seen, the ranking system in MAG gives you a better idea of each players abilities.

And complaining about the servers down time as if it's every day, it's not. And to be honest, at least when it does happen it's predictable.

As for changing PMCs, that option becomes available later once you've lvled up some. Your friends can send you incentive offers to come join their PMC, kinda as if you become a free agent in the NFL. So just keep focused and achieving your objectives and you'll see that MAG is not your ordinary kill, die, spawn FPS. It's a true next gen shooter for next gen players who like to... well you know....
... play beyond.