10 First-Party Multiplayer Franchises Sony Should Bring Back

Sammy: "Sony has been knocking it out of the park in the single-player department for almost a decade now, but Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida lamented the company’s lack of multiplayer hits in a recent interview. While this sector is dominated by third-party favourites like Fortnite and Call of Duty on the PlayStation 4, the platform holder does have a long list of multiplayer brands that would be ripe for resurrection with the right approach. Here are ten primarily multiplayer PlayStation franchises that we’d love to see brought back to life."

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ArchangelMike1033d ago

Sony should definitely bring back Warhawk, but with a more gritty post modern feel and art style. I'd also second the return of Killzone and SOCOM.

annoyedgamer1033d ago

I think the shuttered the SOCOM studio. But I would definitely like to see SOCOM again.

Majin-vegeta1033d ago

Yes Zipper was shutdown but sony owns the IP.So they can bring it back whenever they want.

Cajun Chicken1033d ago

JUST HD'ify Warhawk rerelease it and leave it as that. All it needs.

Cajun Chicken1032d ago

See, I loved Warhawk. It reminded me of the levels where could could pilot vehicles in Unreal Tournament 2004 with a mix of Halo aerial combat. It was just nice and simple. Starhawk just messed everything up by trying to put some unnecessary weird tower defence system in it.

mgszelda11033d ago

How about games that are actually older ips instead of things that just had a new installment in the last 5 years

spambot08151033d ago

console soul sacrifice when it comes to coop multiplayer.

snoopgg1033d ago

Bring back resistance, let guerrilla make a new Socom.

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The story is too old to be commented.