Should MAG 2 Be Developed For The PS4?

Should MAG 2 be developed for the PS4 after all its servers were uncermoniously shut down last year?

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llxKonanxll2766d ago

I would rather see a revival of the So-com series.

JoGam2766d ago

I wanna see both MAG and Socom.

Maltaze2766d ago

Don't think they have to be exclusive :)

XisThatKid2766d ago (Edited 2766d ago )

I've been trying to chase that MAG high for years that's my first platinum and easily one of if not my first favorite online experience I ever had. I'm playing PlanetSide as I type this.
It have to be free to play in today's market not enough people will buy it. I deff would.
Hope they wouldn't cater to their fav faction so much S.V.E.R.
Raven nevaR give up...

Oh yea everyone want SOCOM, check out H-Hour, spiritual successor and made by Monday of the original team from SOCOM 2 was a kick starter project.

MysticStrummer2766d ago

"I wanna see both MAG and Socom"

This all day.

Planetside 2 is pretty epic, though it definitely has rough edges. Still the best MAG substitute right now though imo.

Crimzon2766d ago

Unfortunately Sony shut down Zipper Interactive, who were the studio that made MAG and SOCOM. It was around the time they shut down Studio Liverpool as well, who made the excellent Wipeout HD for PS3. Two great studios gone, I miss them a lot. I wish Sony hadn't abandoned LightBox Interactive either (Warhawk & Starhawk devs) because a new game from them would have been great as well.

I think Sony made some really poor choices when it came to which studios to shut down and let go of last console generation. They were responsible for a good chunk of the exclusive lineup that made the PS3 so great.

morganfell2766d ago

It isn't a one or the other proposition, especially with their diverse natures. But it has to be a true SOCOM, not the gameplay we saw in S4.

MAG had some really great ideas. Some executed well and some not. I would like to see a 2nd one. With everything learned from the 1st one and having done things never before attempted, Sony could really deliver something unique.

JackStraw2766d ago

MAG is #2 on my list of top-notch shooters last gen, in terms of the amount of fun and the "high" I got from playing them. In this order, Bad Company 2, MAG, and Cod4. Mostly because when Cod4 was first released, I was in sophomore year of HS lol. But by far BC2 and MAG were the most amazing experiences I've ever had with shooters, besides skulltag with some old coding buddies.

MAG took a little bit of time to learn and really appreciate, and I was close to quitting on it several times, I sold it once, but eventually bought it again. When I finally got a handle on the feel of the controls/movement, and understanding tactics, I grinded on that game for months lol. I'm actually having some crazy nostalgia right now from seeing this article.

I dream of a MAG 2 for ps4. Please Sony!!!!

SolidDuck2766d ago

Of course yes. And find the old zipper team give them a raise and bring them back together. I'm still upset they shut down. I bought all there games even unit 13, and loved them all. Socom 4 is the worst game they made, I had fun with it still tho.

morganfell2766d ago


Two underrated games I love are SOCOM Tactical Strike and Unit 13. Coop in Unit 13 was a great deal of fun but often overlooked

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Yahdaree2766d ago

MAG was AWESOME, played it every day on team S.V.E.R.

morganfell2766d ago

So you were the guy that kept shooting me...

TheSaint2766d ago

SVER were so awesome they nerfed us and we still went on winning.

Majin-vegeta2766d ago ;)

Yes I would love MAG 2 they could do so much more now with the hardware of the PS4.

C-H-E-F2766d ago

Planetside 2 reminds me of MAG a lot.

But I'd rather have Socom, sadly sony fired them all after Socom 4 BOMB, I know that the Socom vets are the reason for no Socom 5 because we didn't support Socom 4, but if we did support it then Socom 5 would have been made from Socom 4 foundation and not Socom 3, 2 and 1. Even Confrontation was better than Socom 4 and we all hated Confrontation hahahaha.

rezzah2766d ago

Massive battles in MAG is much more entertaining. I bet they'll revive Socom with cinematic scenes.

iceman062765d ago

Exactly!!! That was something that, up until then, the consoles had NO representation of...being in a full-scale war. There was nothing quite like it. That feeling of small group tactics creating advantages for a massive, strategic surge on an objective was unheard of (at least on consoles) at the time. MAG was just ahead of it's time and GREAT for what it was doing and WHERE it was doing it. Although many downplayed it. It was pretty sophisticated and impressive from a technical perspective. IMO, it was as much of a technical feat as GoW III or even TLoU...just in a different way.

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kenna9992766d ago

Would love to see MAG 2

HammadTheBeast2766d ago

basically plaentside style.

rezzah2766d ago

I think of MAG as being better than Planetside 2. Planetside 2 has a huge learning curve and the combat isn't as fun as it is in MAG.

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