New Halo: Reach Concept Art and Screenshots

Halo Report writes, "Here you go my little Halo fanatics enjoy these new awesome screenshots and concept art.

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Bungie3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Amazing and it's just pre-alpha

this game is going to be crazy

Hellsvacancy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Doesnt take much 2 please u does it, would hate 2 look at ya missis, theres nothin in those pics any Halo fan wouldnt of already seen b-4

kaveti66163189d ago

Come on. You don't see an improvement at all over Halo 3?

I think the artwork is great, and the screenshots are fantastic as well.

deadreckoning6663189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Wow, thats incredible! The environments have so much life in them. I'm gettin a lil' jealous of 360 owners now :) KZ3 ALREADY has some competition.

3189d ago
Saaking3189d ago

I really applaud the fact that they're finally ditching those power rangers costumes and going for something a bit darker and grittier. It sets a much better atmosphere for the story that's about to be told (which, if done right, will be amazing).

Dutch Boogie3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

looks great. Nothing amazing just yet but coming along real fine. I need 720p real-time gameplay videos to decide if it is what they say it will be. We all remember the infamous Halo3 cgi trailer that was given a pass as gameplay and how the Killzone 2 cgi target video was bombarded.

GreenRingOfLife3189d ago

the new uniforms look sweet! it will have such an amazing story too. this game will ROCK...

trancefreak3189d ago

halo is not amazing ive been trying to play halo 3 but its god awful.

The weapon zoom in halo is horrible. little magic shield box zoom wth is that. No iron sights little laser beam pistols.

I need much more especially from a first party exclusive.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3189d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

game looks good. though these are just the shots from the same pre-alpha build a while back, confirmed by bungie.
only thing is it's saved at a higher rez, plus with a couple more extra shots.

lolz, at the ps3 gamers.

Tiberium3188d ago

If you only play shooters with iron sights you're missing out on a lot of great shooter franchises like Half life, Left 4 dead, team fortress, portal, and plenty of others.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

more halo reach shot here.

take a look at this one, lolz. they dropped the motherload on character detail against killzone2 with this one.

Saaking3188d ago

See, no one's even mention PS3 games and it's a 360 fan that starts the comparisons. Seriously, don't even try. Comparing to Ps3 exclusives will end up in the 360 side loosing every time.

LEGENDARY PELON3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Gotta agree with the homie Bungie!

Pre-alpha and it already looks better than K2!

"shouldnt of said that, here come all the disagrees, but oh well the truth hurts"

The real gameplay 720p footage is going to murder!!!

Bnet3433188d ago

Everyone above me should move their asses to the Open Zone. How do you people still have the ability to post in the Gamer Zone when all I see in every story is bickering and fanboy garbage from the same people. God damn .... It's hard to have a legit conversation with someone on this website.

lowcarb3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I think the game is shaping up nicely and should look much better come E3.

Edit: Looking at the huge world of Reach is amazing. I get the feeling there going to really immerse gamers into the world. What's really impressive is the fact that Bungie isn't playing it safe like most developers who make linear cookie cutter games for the sake of good visuals. There trying to push boundaries and put players in a real epic battle. Visually I have a feeling this will be even better than Alan Wake but of course time will tell.

multipayer3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

I HATE iron sights, I like to actually move around and play... Didn't even look at all the screenshots and have never seen that bird enemy or female spartan with an aesthetic arm until now. This seems completely OR-I-GI-NAL. *pop* That's the sound of a fanboys head exploding.

ZombieNinjaPanda3188d ago

@Legendary Kelon

What is K2?

badz1493188d ago

you really need to troll over the PS3 in any possible ways aren't you? it's like a snack for you isn't it? those pics look great but WTH do they have to do with KZ or PS3? ah...sorry, you just need your troll snack!

bpac1234567893188d ago

These are definitely from a newer build, because there are noticeable enhancements in texture resolution and lighting. Reach might actually end up being a good looking title.

JokesOnYou3188d ago

Saaking, how many accounts do you have? lol you're like the new Nasim. Do you ever really play games? Everybody can see you hate 360 yet you follow 360 news more than 360 fans do. Bungie's working hard on Reach and its not due for quite sometime, for your own health's sake I suggest you give up all the trolling Reach news, 'cause I foresee nothing but positive news with Bungie hard at work you're going to have nightmares all year.

Reach is looking, fcking sah-weet!=


Twilightx73188d ago

Actually, I'm pretty sure these are just direct feed versions of the shots (notice the 720p resolution of the shots) that all the magazines have, meaning they're probably still from the pre-Thanksgiving build.

Blaze9293188d ago

all those screens were great! just found me some new wallpaper :)

TROLL EATER3188d ago

agreed, game looks amazing at this stage

Socrates3188d ago

Those really do look fantastic. Halo Reach looks like it is shaping up to be one of the nicest looking shooters around. I can't wait to see more.

SaberEdge3188d ago

The detail in many of those screenshots is simply awesome. These are definitely of a higher quality than the ones we saw before and they look even more impressive.

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Fanb0y3189d ago

Alright, I wasn't impressed by last week's EB screenies, but these are just brilliant.
Incredible atmospheric effects.
Draw distances seemingly goes on for kilometers (exaggerating a bit)
High-res textures all over the place.

I just wish they would put in more foliage. Needs more grass alpha textures.

Another One3188d ago

That's because all of those were low res and the color was all screwy. These are real shots just straight uploaded to the site. Much better quality in this case.

And don't worry about foliage. If Halo 3 is any indication, there will be plenty of it (when necessary, of course).

003189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Those look beautiful, Makes an incredible atmospheric setting.

Dutch Boogie3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Didn't Bungie and M$ report recently that the game is already completed? So that means they'll be spending over 10 months of polishing time not to mention the so called new x engine right? In that case the game has no excuse but to be AAA or it will be bombarded with laughter.

Edit: @ below

Um...whats the difference jack? that's like saying a movie can be watched from start to finish but they need to add the special effects and sh1t. Does concluding my argument that the game is DONE!

Arnon3189d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

No, they said that it could be played from Start to Finish. They never said it was done.

[email protected]

A good example is when PD announced that they could release Gran Turismo 5, and then an article 3 months later stated that it was 90% complete.

It's like me drawing a line from start to finish and saying that it's done. I mean, who needs all the graphics and characters. The game can be played from start to finish! It's obviously done!

This isn't a difficult concept to grasp. You're "done" and their "done" are two totally different things.

Another One3188d ago

There's a HUGE difference. When it's playable from start to finish, it doesn't necessarily mean that all the texture, color, environments, and all that other stuff is done (or even close to done for that matter). A lot of it will be placeholder. It just means that they can get through the whole campaign (something that is always done far before release).

Xi3188d ago

something like for every 1 hour of usable footage, you need 1000 hours of video.

ever watch a movie from start to finish that's never been cut, edited, touched up, post processed, added cgi, removed green screen, etc?

Filming a video is only half the work, the other half is
editing and production.

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Bungie3189d ago

enjoy MW 2 on crappy PSN droids

have fun

The real killer3189d ago

Enjoy with MW 2 glitz and hacks with 60,- Live.

Have fun!!

playstation1233189d ago

Have fun with your inferior version with hacks negative xps,colored names, Xbox buttons, Where you wont find in ps3.

InFAMOUS13189d ago

HAHAHAHAH, you are really something Bungie.. MW2 has like what 10million on the 360 HAHAHAHAHAHAA.. Seriously, you cant believe that in 8 months time we will be anywhere NEAR MW2.. How about R3, or possibly KZ3, or Agent, or whatever else Sony has up their sleeves, cuz I guarantee you they will NOT blow their load in the first 2 quarters.. Bots' heads are going to roll come E3 and GDC ahahahah

LtSkittles3189d ago

both have had problems, and what does MW2 have to do with Halo:Reach?

blitz06233188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Droids have more to enjoy on their 'crappy' and free PSN like Demon's Souls, WKC soon and not just FPS games. You meant you and your fellow bots should enjoy MW2 on your 12-year-old LIVE community filled with MW2 noobs. Oh and yeah, it's no question you're already enjoying drooling over another Halo game. First to post on every Reach news article. LOL

Narutone663188d ago

MW2 is better than Halo:Reach?

LtSkittles3188d ago


HAHAHA! Really? I don't think so,Halo:Reach will probably have less exploits online,because Bungie is smart, and is doing a beta.

hoops3188d ago

Bungie you're one sad MS fanboy.

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