ActionTrip: Bayonetta Review

ActionTrip writes: "Designing video games has become a great challenge, particularly for artists, writers and animators. It's not easy to top some of titles you have on the market today, let alone come up with something unique and at the same time appealing to a wider audience. Let's consider two specific games: God of War 2 and Devil May Cry 4. Many fundamental elements of Bayonetta, Platinum Games' action adventure, were taken from the two aforementioned titles. Although, gameplay wise, Bayonetta is a lot closer to DMC 4 than it is to God of War 2, which is no coincidence since it was directed by Devil May Cry and Viewtiful Joe creator Hideki Kamiya. Still, the developers simply took the DMC formula to new heights, injecting it with an extra dose of wackiness - this applies to almost every aspect of the game, from the art direction and the narrative to the combat mechanics."

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