Marketplace Deal of the week: Mass Effect Game Add ons and Battleship

Major Nelson writes:

"Xbox LIVE Gold Members can purchase Mass Effect's Bring Down the Sky and Pinnacle Station for 240 Microsoft Points each.
Plus Battleship for Hasbro Family Game Night is 400 Microsoft Points."

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duplissi4700d ago (Edited 4700d ago )

too bad pinnacle station sucks from what ive read.. otherwise id snap it up.

Tony P4700d ago

Pinnacle Station is complete ass. Everyone fouled up on this from the devs at Demiurge to QA at Bio.

And to top it off they tried to be shady about it. It's rare when I'm that disappointed in BioWare.

Dragon Age seems to have taught them how to better handle DLC so ME2's will probably be better. But... I don't forget.