Bayonetta: Too Risqué? writes:

Bayonetta just came out this week. That game looks like it really takes the Devil May Cry type experience to the next level, but one thing was strikingly awkward about it: the entire game is filled with explicit sexual references that are creative and imaginative yet feel completely out of place and can be more awkward than enjoyable.

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SasanovaS19873596d ago

honestly, i wouldnt want to be seen playing this game by any females i know...its just sad, even i vomit a bit with all the korney sexual references

alphakennybody3596d ago

why do you think it got so many 9 and 10 all over other than combat system, it completely relies on it sexual them heavily! everything else just average. I lost my respect to the guy he could've done way better than this

Sarevok3596d ago

Indeed this game has the mind set of a horny 14 year old.

Persistantthug3596d ago

The bottom line is, the rating system and what you need to know is on the front of the box, and it is on the back of the box as well. It even tells you what types of "no no's" are prevalent in said game, this one, Bayonetta, included.

If you choose to NOT take heed in these ratings, and continue to play the game anyway, again, BY CHOICE...well, for better or for worse, that's totally on you. You have no right or reason to blame any devs. or anyone but yourself...period.

And that's without even mentioning all the internet video opportunities you (or anyone else) have to check out a game to know if its for you or not.

Good luck, Darrin.

Baba19063595d ago

dont take the game so seriously. this game is all about not taking it to seriuosly. it doesnt want to teach or reflect over the world. it just wans to have fun.

3595d ago
smithdown3590d ago

Personally, I think this is another example of the inherent prudishness of a lot of Americans. The rest of the world has pretty much no problem with the sexual content in games or anything else, sex is a healthy and natural thing to be celebrated. What this author seems to miss is the incredible levels of violence and gore in Bayonetta and many of the other games he mentions. Is he happy to play GTA4 in front of his kids, mowing down cops and civilians, as long as there are no flesh-coloured polygons to upset them? WTF is up with that? Bayonetta's violence is incredibly over the top and humorous almost, as are the sexual references, yet he is happy for his family to see the violence but not the sex? Again, indicative of the warped view some people have of the world.

As for the sexuality of Bayonetta as a character: think about most male protagonists in games - generally, they are walking mountains of rippling muscle and machismo attitude, who subscribe to cliched male stereotype easily as much as Bayonetta does to a female stereotype. In fact, probably more - Bayonetta at least breaks away from the mold in that she is kicking ass, as you rightly point out in your article. You don't see Marcus Phoenix doing anything that doesn't fit in with the shallow ideal of masculinity. I think that those who are pointing out that Bayonetta is a sexist depiction of women in videogames are missing the point that the depiction of men is just as bad. Its a freaking vidoegame - most of the time, gamers are looking for anything OTHER than reality!